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I run an SMMA - I previously was doing just buyers agents, but recently have also included mortgage brokers (reasoning - if your buying a house you NEED a mortgage broker/lender)
Agency profile:
Started Jan 2024
Currently 4 clients
My model?
Comission Based (20% of closed deal)
1.5K startup fee
Period 3-4 Months
So far, with my recent pivot to mortgage brokers
In 2-3 weeks, ihave been able to generate 11leads (all answering a 7+ question quiz, eg - what's your income, what's your target price for home, etc)
I have also been booking these leads into the broker's calendar.
After speaking witht the broker, he said that on these appointments, these leads have not been the highest quality - NOT BECAUSE THEY DIDNT WANT A LOAN - But because they wouldnt be able to qualify, eg - income too low, alreay in debt etc.
my question is....
DO i now pivot into the normal smma business model, where i gurantee X ammount of appointments in X Days?
even in lead qualiy isnt the best?
Initially my goal was to start with commission, get as many companies under my belt - and then when I can guarantee a certain amount of leads, I can then pivot into a normal smma business model (not commission)
  • BUT - this means if the lead quality isn't great - I will just have a 3-4 month churn rate
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James Wu
Need help - Question
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