My plan
Sharing my plan on how to make my first Skool affiliate $.
I am a dad living in The Netherlands, working on design/development and building startups.
I have been a fan of Sam for years (since the blue suit YouTube video ads day) and I saw that he is building Skool - I want to be a part of it by sharing the Skool USPs and also if I can earn a buck to do nice things with my daughter. I'm all for it!
I have two URLs (Agency website and a Ecommerce store in standing desks > mostly Europe traffic)
My idea is to: on each property - create a full Skool review. Hopefully this can generate some traffic and I can get some sort of a commission if someone ends up registering. (I wish I could pull Ted's play and get an onboarding team, but I just dont have the capacity for this).
Besides this, I was thinking of making a Youtube review.
Wonder if anyone here could share their success stories with Skool? In terms of Affiliate? Would love to know what you are doing.
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Carlos Virreira
My plan
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