How to make £2,000pm within the next 30 days with Skool - Case study

How to build, sell, and manage a successful Skool business EVEN if you have zero experience

Well hello there..

I am Anth 👋 I was able to stop “having” to work by the end of 2020 if I so decided.

All from following Sam’s advice for about a decade now. (OG customer, when we just got a file with some lessons in, before he had a website with it all in)

Following his advice allowed me to buy my dream Victoria house cash monies and only work on projects i care about a few hours per week.

Anyway… Skool is spearheading a new style of business, that gets me very excited…

Today I am going to share how I am helping my clients get ridiculous results from Skool.

And how you can use this information to start a “Skool Community” business today…

In this post I will give you everything you need to sell this as a service:

  • How to set up Skool to automatically get amazing results for your clients (Sell this as a stand alone service £500-£2,000)
  • How to manage and run the group to keep sales flowing in for your clients (£500-£2,000 per month)
  • Become a integral part of your clients’ business so as to protect your recurring income building a stable business
  • Do not forget the Skool” commission

Bonus - My “Showcase framework” content system to really blow your clients away.

Helping them make content creation a breeze as well as make effortless sales.

Your clients will love you that much they will name their first born child after you.

I am going to illustrate using my own clients “Health and Fitness” space. Although this will work in any industry

I am not going to share real names but check out these numbers for context.

Fitness coaches

For every 100ish people they get into group

Minimum 4-6 are becoming clients.

@ £100-250pm (this works with high ticket too)

Adding £1,000 + per month to their business. In recurring revenue.

Not millions but enough to change your clients lives if done right.

You can easily charge £500-£2,000+ to set this up for some clients and the same to manage the community depending on audience size.

Here is how you do that.

IF you are brand new, just steal my system and target the health and fitness space also. Just take what I lay out, no need to get fancy.


The single concept that makes this opportunity crush…

“People who engage with your stuff are 500%-800% more likely to buy from you” This is how you sell it

What Skool does amazingly well is automate engagement.

Their systems are designed to encourage engagement. Thus increasing the opportunity for easier sales.

This is where we come in.

If you set up Skool in the way I lay out here, the natural next step after someone joins a free group is to pay your client to help them more.

How I sell the service - Headline/ pitch (I have a ninja way to sell this with ease. Ask me about it)

"Make an extra £/$1,000 to £/$5,000/mo+ running simple online community”

Making lead generation, content production and sales effortless

Customer journey for context

  • Create “free product” for your client (this will be a Skool group)
  • Set up in such a way that the free training moves them closer to becoming a paying client.
  • Potential customer joins free group
  • Potential customer engages with training and content in group
  • Potential customer has amazing experience with free product
  • When they are ready for the next step… they pay money and become a client

Step 1 - Set Skool up as a automated results getting machine

Pick a niche you love and know about.

Create Skool group as a new free product for client (weight loss space fits perfect)

Set Skool up as an automated results-getting machine

(Gotta know how to set the group up correctly for this, more on this below)

They add clients. The machine gets them results and fills their pipeline

Those who engage are 500-800% more likely to buy from your client

This is your magic power.

You set up the group and manage it for them.

Another golden goose with my “Showcase Content Framework”, you also get your clients all the content they could ever need for their socials.

You teach what content works best inside the group (I have a training that does this)

They then just use the results and content from the group to share on their socials

Which drives people to there group




With Skool emailing people to bring them back to group. It is a double whammy

How you can make money with Skool.

  1. Stand alone set up service. Set up Skool for them. Value £500 +
  2. Manage group. Value £500+ per month
  3. Skool affiliate £40pm

If you have the skills you could also add the following into your service to charge more or make yourself more valuable to them

Bonus - Use the “Showcase content method” to create content from the group for your client

Bonus - Almost become a “setter” to keep their pipeline full

I could write a full post on each of these steps, but to keep it simple I will highlight the main points. I will refer to your customers paid program as “inner circle” for illustrations purposes. Your client will already have a name for this.

Objective of your service

  • Set up free group/ product
  • Get engagement and results
  • Ascend people into paid inner circle (your customers’ paid program)

Step 2 - Foundations

  • Create free community/product
  • Set up how client wants to run group. Weekly QA minimum.
  • Set up free training to unlock at level 0-1-2
  • Lock client main program to only paying clients.
  • Set up weekly calls to show sales page to ascend people up into inner circle
  • Set up weekly calls in such away you can give value to free people and also promote benefits to join inner circle
  • Map out how it all works in welcome post. Do not be shy. Tell them the free group is set up to take steps A to B but if they want A -Z join paid inner circle. Add in sales page.

Step 3 - Rewards

  • Set up reward systems
  • Agree with client, to give away prizes for weekly/ monthly winners
  • Winners will be 1- Those who engage 2- Those who get results using free training 3- leaderboards

Step 4 - Ascension

  • Think about customer journey. Add in “join inner circle” at appropriate points
  • Make sure free product naturally leads into paying product
  • “DO NOT” create friction. Free and paid product MUST align
  • Set up auto DM to tell them how it all works. (be upfront. Free stuff works but real magic after you dip your toe in is the paid stuff. Add in link to sales page)
  • Tag new people in welcome post.
  • Agree metrics (calls books, leads, per month, per week.

Step 5 - ShowCase Content Method

  • Use your weekly/ monthly prizes to become your never ending content ideas
  • Each week, post about 1- Up and coming weekly results showcase. 2- After you give prizes, use that content on your SM to promo group 3- Do a weekly round up post
  • Simply share the epic results you’re helping people get.
  • All your client needs to do is get new followers each week. (if you have experience here you can add this to your service)

Step 6 Manage the community

  • Run group for client
  • Collate question for weekly QA
  • Manage queries
  • Make this as hands off for the client as possible

Step 7

  • Add yourself into as much revenue generating actives as possible so you become an integral part of the team


That’s it doc

Simple and effective

You have everything you need to get started above.

Any questions, pop below or slide into the DM

PS. If it is your first time creating your own offer, your first client will be worth its weight in gold. Do your first one for free on the understanding that once results are coming in you get paid in 2 ways.

  1. Video testimony
  2. After x results you get grandfathered in at 50% prices (Charge £1,000pm to mange group inserted of £2,000)

PPS. Remember, if the group is generating £10,000pm they won’t have any issues paying you 10%. Make sure you optimise your offer/ business around this fact. If you generate cash for a business everyone wins. So your KPI’s for success must revolve around revenue generation.


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