Creating a Membership on Skool - Thoughts
Hi everyone. I came across Skool last week. I love it as a user.
As it happens, I’m currently deciding the structure and the platform for a paid community/membership I’m planning to launch soon.
I am now considering Skool as an option for my future membership.
My question is…has anyone here created a paid community on Skool? If yes, I would love to hear about your experience with it:
💚 How hard/easy it is to encourage engagement, considering that a lot of people use social media platforms for interactions?
💚 Were you able to give different levels of access trainings? And if yes, how did that work for you?
💚 Do you take payments outside of Skool (I.e. website) and then you invite them here with an email?
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated ☀️
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