Aesthetic Academy
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Aesthetic Academy is designed with one goal in mind: Transform professionals into amazing shape as fast as possible.
Inside, we break down the philosophies behind our essentialist fitness approach and teach you how you can LEVERAGE your physique for success in all areas of life.
No More:
  • Tracking every gram of rice
  • 6-7 days a week spent in the gym
  • Advice from steroid users
  • Pointless effort that leads you nowhere
Inside we use show you how to:
  • Be leaner and stronger than ever before
  • Level up in your business/career
  • Become irresistible
  • Stand out from the pack
  • Network with other entrepreneurs and professionals
This is not a sales pitch. This community is free.
Apply to join now.
Membership Requests will be declined if you do not answer the questions with high quality & thought out responses.
Majority of requests are denied, so if you want a chance to join be sure to answer the questions carefully.
*Membership cap at 525 (always removing bottom members)*
Private group
A place for professionals to get into amazing shape without being slaves to the gym.
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