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The Most Active Men's Seduction Community on Skool – Inside:
  • A tribe of supportive, like minded men
  • A holistic yet fun approach to seduction, pickup, charisma, self-improvement and life.
  • The best resources for levelling up your approach, attraction, sex, mindset, and dating skills.
  • Meet tons of women without relying on apps
  • Increase your self-awareness through deep work
  • Learn to meditate
  • Minimalist approach to success with women - only what works without the bullshit
  • Not redpill or blackpill advice. We don't blame women, and don't focus solely on money, status and gym (though we talk about it a lot)
  • Like to travel while you date? So do we
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  • Video Courses on Building Skills to Help You Succeed with Beautiful Women
  • Book reviews (we like books, books are good)
  • Accountability Check-ins
  • Health, wealth, and relationship advice
  • Peers at your level, and above
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Group calls and webinars
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Absolute Ability
Private group
Easy methods to meet women in the day time. Streets, malls, parks, beaches, coffee shops. Learn from Tony Depp, 14 year veteran approach coach.
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