Aimee Erickson's Paint Club
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Paint Club meets twice monthly (live, on zoom or YouTube) for the love of painting. It's not a class, exactly, although there is instruction--it's more of a cross between a mentorship, a learning space/studio practice support, and a group inspiration/joy meetup. Topics include:
  • Paint-along color exercises
  • Lessons on various painting problems
  • Painting Makeovers (like the ones in Aimee's book, "Plein Air Techniques for Artists")
  • Longer demonstrations
  • There's a Chat Group where you can post your work, ask questions, and share inspiration
  • I'm building a library of instructional videos and painting prompts, which you can access any time.
Welcome to Paint Club!
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Aimee Erickson's Paint Club
Welcome! This is a place for Aimee Erickson's students and followers. We meet twice monthly for inspiration and instruction. Meetings are recorded.
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