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Hello All - This is YK. I am CEO of NeoStrategy. We are into SMB business consulting and coaching. We do more of 1:1 business consulting. Planning to move into small group coaching programs. My requirement is really at this stage - Convert my existing content (webinar recordings, session recordings, etc) into small course kind or even just a repository of my content - videos, excel templates and ppt etc - Currently for communication we use WhatsApp groups. Want to see if my clients would really bother to join to communities etc - Ideally an App version would be good - but we can live with web version now I am currently trying Skool but found very simple (jn a way good) for course creation. Also, not sure if this product is fully in the market or not. Can Skool fulfil my requirements?. I am not into typical course selling business. I have some niche clients and I need to be able to make them do some rework by going through videos etc. Also, can I have some direct zoom call with any Skool team to clarify other questions? Appreciate your help



Samuel Snead
Yk Neo
Gordon Goddard
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    ok. 99 USD is for only one group is it?. Also, I can we upload the video content directly to Skool or only link from Wistia or YouTube?. I am going through the 101

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    Thanks a lot @Samuel J Snead

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