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$10,000 per month is simple math.
10 sales @ $997 = almost $10,000. And just for you, I made easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide for creating & selling a $997 offer. Want it? 👇 "YES"
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How To Gain 1 Million+ Subscribers
How do some creators seemingly just blow up out of nowhere and start getting millions of views and subscribers over night? Well it’s pretty simple actually. They’re using a 4-Step-Framework in their videos and I go into depth on how they’re doing it. Check it out out below ⬇️ ~
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Sticky Content - How To Make Any Viewer Glued To Your Content:
~ Here’s The 3 Steps You Need To Take: ⬇️ ~ - Engaging Content from the Start: 1️⃣ - Hook your viewers within the first 10-15 seconds of the video. Use an intriguing question, a teaser of what's to come, or a visually captivating scene to grab their attention. - Introduce yourself and the purpose of the video early on, so viewers understand what to expect. - Maintain a clear and engaging narrative throughout the video to keep viewers interested. Quality Production and Editing: 2️⃣ - Ensure your video and audio quality is top-notch. Poor production quality can turn viewers away quickly. - Edit your videos to remove unnecessary pauses, long silences, or repetitive content. Keep the pacing engaging. - Use graphics, animations, and overlays to enhance the visual appeal and keep viewers visually engaged. - Interactive and Value-Driven Content: 3️⃣ - Encourage viewer interaction through questions, polls, or calls to action. Ask them to subscribe, like, or leave comments. - Provide value to your viewers by delivering informative, entertaining, or educational content that fulfills their expectations. - Keep an eye on your video analytics to identify drop-off points and work on improving those sections.
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I Lied On My Last Post & You Fell For It‼️
~ For those who have been following my content advice in this community you probably saw my last post that shows you how to essentially make any viewer glued to your content in 3 pretty simple steps. This was one of my top performing posts and got a huge surge of engagement and positive feedback across all the platforms I posted it on. Here’s where I lied… Not a single word from the advice I posted was mine and was completed generated from Chat GPT! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!?! I did this to show everyone how powerful A.I. models are especially if you know how to use it properly. So for the past 7 years I have been able to get creators over 8 Million followers combined & accumulated over 1.3 Billion views by showing them the correct strategies and systems to scale their content. One of these systems is using AI to systemize and scale all your content effectively. In my next post I will show you exactly everything you need to master AI LITERALLY EVERYTHING I'm not holding back. So make sure to follow me and stay up to do!
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Magnetic Scripting: The Perfect Script Structure For Your Video Content (Long-form & Short Form)
~ What is the best way to structure a script that does the following? ~ 1- Strategically hooks the audience in without sounding pushy or desperate 2- Retains the audience to watch the entirety of the video 3- And finally converts a high percentage of the audience to actually stick around and follow you ~ After analyzing countless hours of videos and doing deep dives into their structure I found the perfect formula that works for me. ~ Here Are The Steps You Need To Follow: ⬇️ 1- Hook- The hooks job is to breed curiosity into the viewer. An effective way of doing this is asking a question your target audience wants to know the answer to. Fitness Example: How you can eat any food you want without gaining weight? Another way is to create a list that addresses your target markets desire. Creator Example: Here are 3 ways to edit your videos for maximum viewer retention ——————————————————————- 2-Retain- Retention is not only to keep the audience watching but at its root should educate, entertain or inspire the audience based on which style you’re choosing. A really effective way of doing this is to structure your script with ~ 1- Lists 2- Tell stories 3- Create Steps - This works because the full payoff doesn’t come to the end with these formats 3-Reward-The reward is actually fulfilling the claim that the hook made. The person should feel like they really got something from the content you made. Pro tip: DON’T BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE (give a unique perspective) If you enjoyed this post like it and comment your perspective below I would love to hear it!
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A Simple Framework That Will 10x Your Views Overnight: (Not A Hack!)
~ People are always looking for quick hacks and FADs that’s will get them an increase in viewership. As you probably know these things have minimal to no impact at all in your long term growth as a creator. So the question is this. how can I increase the viewership and followers on my platforms and in my content in general? After being in this industry coming up on 7 years now I found 3 main strategies from the top creators in the world that allows them to dramatically increase their viewership consistently seemingly overnight. Here’s what you need to do: ~ 1- Culture: Mixing culture and current events into your content while still applying your expertise on the topic will explode your reach. Why? People are attracted the things that are happening in real time and want different perspectives on it. 2- Mass Market Appeal: This basically means when creating content you don’t want to be super niche all the time. You can broaden your content while still being within the market you’re targeting. Example - if you’re a dentist and that’s what you primarily speak about you’re limiting your reach. But if you can broaden the topic of your content by discussing general Doctor questions this will exponentially increase your viewers. *note: you want the ratio to be around 1:5 this way you’re still maintaining your content around being a dentist as your main focus 3- Collaborations - Start inviting guests that have a same or very similar target audience as you. Incorporate them into your content. * You can do this by: ~ - Making a podcast style interview - Making a day in the life vlog with them - Discussing similar topics together - Asking them to share their story - Etc… (See what others are doing a model the styles) After you guys filmed the content together you can post the clips on your social pages and tag each other so both you guys can increase your viewership. Pro Tip: Collaborating with smaller creators (Around 10% Smaller) actually increases the follower conversion because they see you have a bigger audience which psychologically means you have more value. (Social Proof)
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    @Jeffrey Buoncristiano good idea I’ll work on that
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    @Jeffrey Buoncristiano definitely
How I Grew 10k Subbscribers In A Month For A Client
Step 1- Start prioritizing short-form content & platforms (E.G. YouTube Shorts, Tiktok, Snapchat, Reels, and even Facebook) . . . Step 2- Direct all the traffic in the links in your bios on your short platforms to your YouTube channel. This is important because the goal is to build a strong following and the easiest way to do that is with longer-form content. Why? a) People can see more of your personality without being too scripted and connect with you on a real level. b) You get way more money with YouTube ad sense when people watch your longer content c) You can go in-depth into concepts and ideas unlike short-form where the value you provide is limited . . . Step 3- Collaborations - To maximize the traffic coming into your YouTube channel you want to find other social accounts that have a similar audience to you that also post similar content. Reach out to them and ask them to do a collaboration post. Here's the secret to successful collaborations. You actually want to collaborate with creators that have a smaller audience than you. Why? When their fan base sees your page they will automatically compare who they are originally following with your page. Once they see you have more followers social proof kicks in and you convert a much higher percentage than if you collaborate with someone that has a bigger audience.
John Cartegna
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    @John Cartegna Make the short form content relevant to the long form videos you’re making. This way it’s similar to a movie clip that’s promoting a long form movie and it’s going to convert at a much higher rate
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    @John Cartegna yes for YouTube with their new linking feature that works great. But for places like TikTok and instagram reels the best option would have a CTA either in the video itself or in the caption with a link in bio to the channel or full video
Tailored Distribution: The Strategy I Use To Get An Untapped Pool of Boiling Hot Prospects To View My Content
~ I have no idea why people aren’t talking about this but I’m just going to give it away. A big issue I faced when starting to make content was worrying how long it would take for my content to be recognized by the platforms algorithms I was posting on. I always hear people saying content is a long game and needs to be played patiently which I completely understand. But then I found a way instead of having to rely on algorithms to show my content in front of the correct audience I could strategically place my content in front of the correct audience. So here’s how I do it in these 5 simple steps: ~ 1- Obviously you have to know who your ideal client is or else this won’t work 2- Find Group-chats, Forums, Communities, Websites, Accounts ETC.. that have your ideal clients congregating in. 3- If it’s a YouTube video transcribe your posts and plug it into chat GPT to summarize the main point you’re speaking about in the video. 4- Take the transcription and post it on every single Forum, Community, Website, Chat that you’re apart of. 5- Make a CTA at the end of the post so people can click to watch the full video and BOOM! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Now you have a flood of targeted hot dream clients watching your content without having to rely of the algorithms of platforms to show it to them ~ Now for my call to action. If you want help growing your following online feel free to reach out and I would be more than happy to help you! ;)
How To Build A Cult-Like Audience (The Truth)
Hey guys this post is going to be straight to the point. As an observer of content creators for the past 12 years, I have always wondered what is the balance between Growth Strategies vs. Providing Real Value while also creating a cult-like loyal following. It became really clear to me this answer after a lot of thinking and contemplation. ~ Here Are The Main Points: ~ - Value (Content) should always be the first objective when creating any form of content and the growth strategies should revolve around that Example: Thumbnails, Music, Editing, Collaborations ETC... - As an educational content creator, the worst thing you can do is make a video that's basically a copy of what everyone else is doing in the market. Content like this entails very shallow explanations of topics you're speaking about leaving out all the meat and not giving enough info to the audience to actually be able to implement - Using tactics and retention strategies to compensate for the lack of value you're providing and instead, you're focusing on the entertainment aspect of things rather than informational. - Thinking that short-form content is a strong way to build a loyal audience when in reality having an audience that can sit through your 45-minute video creates strong loyal fans because they invested more time into you There are so many other points I can hit on but these stood out the most to me so far. If you agree send me a ''DM'' I would love to talk in detail about these topics and how we can help each other grow a strong loyal audience and not just focus on popularity.
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May 17 
"I don't know what to offer…"
99% of newbies say this to me. It's only the 1% who don't say this to me who end up going on to make a lot of $$. I have some clients from years ago who still don't know what to offer. Guess how much money they've made... Zip. Nada. Zero. I also have some clients from a 2 months ago who knew exactly what to sell from day 1, and now they're making 10k plus per month. So decide right now if you want to be part of the 99% or if you're going be in the 1%. Decide now and figure out "the how" later. I call this 'Offer Clarity'. And if you're ever unsure of what to offer, you need to sit down with pen and paper and figure it out. But here's the good news (I'm full of good news): There are ONLY 4 THINGS you can offer help with if you expect to make any money at all in this game. 4 things Not 5. Not 6. Not 3. Just 4. What are they? Get ready....... Write these down..... 1) Relationships (soulmate, better sex, Tinder dates, etc) 2) Wealth (save on taxes, make more per month, etc) 3) Beauty (drop fat, build muscle, etc) 4) Chronic Pain (eliminate knee, back or neck pain) As a coach/course creator, if you don't choose one of these 4 things to help people with, you're swimming upstream - against a strong current - in a thunder storm - surrounded by piranhas and hungry sharks. Note: There is only 2 exceptions this 'Law of 4' Spoiler: You're probably not an exception. Exception to the rule #1: if you're extremely sexy and willing to show it. If this is you, you can sell anything and simps will just pay you cause they love you/want to be closer to you and your private parts. Think Onlyfans. Exception to the rule #2: if you're extremely famous. When you're Oprah level famous, you can sell cans of dog shit and people will buy it cause of the celeb factor. Humans are weird like that. But since you're most likely not an exception, decide right here and now which of the 4 things you want to help people with. And just pick ONE of them for the love of god.
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    $100 Million dollar offer by Alex Hormozi is a game changer for this problem
How To Go Viral Using Word of Mouth
How Cheerios Cereal Dominates Word of Mouth Over Disney (18 Million+ Visitors): Triggers Part 4~Disneyland Florida gets over 18 Million+ visitors annually at their theme park. So how on earth does a healthy low cholesterol cereal win over the famous Disneyland when it comes to word of mouth? The answer is one word. Triggers. What is a trigger and how does it work? A trigger is an association your brain links to certain things which causes certain behavioral patterns or emotions that you react to. It’s the famous experiment that Pavlov the Scientist used on his dog. Every time the dog would eat the food he would ring a bell. What this caused was an association with the bell and the food in the dog's brain. With a couple of repetitions when Pavlov rang the bell without giving the dog food it started salivating. Why? The dog associated the bell sound with expecting to be fed food. So how does Cheerios do it? Well, when you think of breakfast the chances are Cheerios is one of the top things in your mind. If the golden rule is “Top Of Mind Is Tip Of Tongue” it makes sense why Cheerios is dominating Disneyland in terms of Verbal Transmissions. We can all apply this principle to our marketing strategy by finding a way our product or service can be associated with something that happens on a frequent basis. Here are some examples you can use. Examples Of Frequent Things You Can Use: - A certain time of day - A certain day of the week - A certain place - A certain smell - A certain person - A certain taste - A certain sound ETC…The list can go on and on but this is a very good starting point when it comes to incorporating triggers into your marketing strategy.
If You're a New Creator & Need Assistance Please Feel Free To Ask Me Anything
What's your nickname - Don't Currently Have One Hahaha Where are you from - Los Angeles Biggest strength - Building A Massive Targeted Following On Youtube My biggest weakness - Focusing On One Thing At A Time ;) Which content platform is your favorite - Youtube & Short-Form Content Platforms What do you want immediate help with inside this community - Content Video Structure & Storytelling
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Story Telling: The Secret To Gaining A Massive Following
The Power of Using Stories In Your Marketing: ~Why are stories so important to use within your marketing strategy? The answer is very simple they make people feel like they are a part of your brand. Let me elaborate on this. Have you ever wondered why movies and music are so popular? They both tell stories. Yes of course music has tunes & tempos that you can enjoy without lyrics but what really drives virality within the entertainment industry is the stories that capture the audience within the songs and movies. How can we incorporate this principle of storytelling within our brands and products? Humanization is a very powerful way of doing this. When Google wanted to market its search engine it had no idea what they were gonna do. How on earth are you supposed to market a search engine? Google's marketing team came up with an idea that was absolutely brilliant. They made a story of a young American man visiting Paris that found a girl he was really interested in. The only problem was the language barrier. The man used Google to learn the language of French and was able to communicate with her. Long story short it goes through their whole life and how they ended up getting married and having beautiful kids and lived happily ever after. You see, Google understands this concept of storytelling and humanizing their services to connect with their audience so why shouldn’t we do the same? ~ if you found this post of any value consider connecting with me
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