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We're thinking of doing a sick Black Friday deal. The craziest Black Friday deal we've ever done. Interested? Give me a sick GIF in the comments below if you want a sick deal.



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Hey gang, we switched over our 300 client community to Skool about 2 weeks ago and are now realizing it’s missing some critical features for communities. The main one, that I see other have posted about, is group chats or sub groups. Within my community I have small cohorts for live events and masterminds. I don’t want to create separate communities for these. Something as simple as being able to do a group chat like FB allows or being able to create invite only sub communities like how slack does channels would be great. Group chat I think would be a huge must have in a platform like that. After already hyping Skool I really do want to switch again as it’s not good to do that so I am hoping to see some of these features added. I’d be happy to be a paying client for such features, not trying to get anything for free.



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    @Gamal Codner Its not so much discussions, its that we have seperate cohorts in our mastermind and like to give each of them a place to have a sidebar discussion to follow up on the pod calls we run with them. They each also have pod team leads and I want them to have a place to lead their cohort. Pretty typically use case amongst masterminds who run small group cohorts within.

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    @Sam Ovens great question, to provide accountability and check-in with them on their KPI's and all crowdsource support. I know I can do this online but my avatar is kind of old school. It's also part of what we sold them at our in person event so maybe we will change this in the future. As our mastermind community stands on it own I will likely be able lean on it as a value driver independently.

Is there a way to see a leaderboard for Gems? I am awarding those to clients who directly offer a solution to a support issue with another client. It'd be really cool to see whos doing the most of that.



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