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$2500 More This Week!
This week has been slower than usual, but it has allowed us to invest time in tasks we usually don't have time for. This includes systematizing processes, automating manual tasks, managing accounting, and more. Despite the slower pace, we still managed to add an extra $2,500 to our recurring revenue! Next week, our system should be running at full capacity, so fingers crossed that we're going to book lots of appointments. I hope you all are crushing it and getting ready for an amazing week ahead!
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$1,500 more added in sales today...
I don't know what to say anymore, but SaaS has to be the new wave in online business. On top of the earnings I mentioned in my previous post, we added another $1,500 in MRR. Completely insane. Hope everybody else is smashing it in here💰💰
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@Christy Schlothauer Amazing. Keep going - When you have found what works stick to it and something amazing will grow!
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@Jennifer M Best tip is to stay consistent. And you can’t determine if a system is working or not before you’ve contacted and followed up on at least 300 leads:) So don’t change anything before hitting that number.
$8000 win!
Just secured an $8,000 contract with a new client. We’re going to work on marketing a huge project and maybe we’ll get an extended monthly retainer if the results are great. This just goes to show that if you have a great offer, it’s truly limitless what you’re able to achieve. I'm really excited what the coming months will unfold! We stay winning!🏆
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@Christy Schlothauer How is it going for you Christy?
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@Christy Schlothauer Oh I’m sorry to hear. But wonderful you are getting started with your agency. Are the skillset you’ve acquired something you can use to get your other business up to speed?
🫵🏽 have any advice on SaaS outreach?
As I've mentioned in recent posts, my partner and I run a SaaS company reselling GHL. We've had huge success doing LinkedIn outreach, but I'm keen to know whether any of you in this community have seen success in other types of outreach? Any inputs would be appreciated, we're really curious to try out new endeavours to grow the company to new heights!
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@Jennifer M Yeah we’ve tried that too. We made a fully automated email outreach system that booked us 10+ appointments pr week. We are thinking of setting it up again.
Massive W! $1,500 in recurring sales IN ONE DAY
For context, I run a SaaS company, selling my white labeled GHL to business owners. Yesterday, we experienced a huge day for our software sales - $1,500 in one day!! That's $1,500/month until our customers don't use our software. It's truly limitless the heights you can reach with this business model. GHL has been a massive blessing for our business' results. Hope you all are smashing it 👊🏿👊🏿
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@Maxine Tubbe Amazing. You should be fine! We actually build “custom” solutions for business’ in GHL. So we don’t have a niche or anything. We charge a bit above average and then we really spent a lot of time creating and customising it so they first of all love it, it really creates value for them and most importantly that they never leave us:)
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@Tushar Sharma Thanks Tushar!
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