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Happy Monday! START NOW!
It's July 1st and I believe someone out there needs to hear this. START NOW! There is something you have been wanting to start and you've said to yourself this morning....I'm going to start that "after the holiday". I want you to hear this ...STOP PROCRASTINATING! DO IT NOW! If you put it off once you will keep putting it off.
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Happy Monday! START NOW!
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Motivation for Monday
Mental strength is our mind’s ability to keep working towards our goals regardless of the obstacles that stand in our way.🌟 Building mental strength starts with gaining wisdom. Embrace new experiences, explore your interests, and cultivate your creativity. Here are some tips to strengthen your mind: Follow your curiosity, continue learning, indulge your creativity, and develop mindfulness. Now go tackle this week - You got this. #MentalStrength #Wisdom #PersonalGrowth #Mindfulness
Battlefield Brain Affirmation Series is now available!
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7 Attributes of Great Leaders
When you make the decision to step into a leadership role there are many theories you can follow or study about how to best lead others. But regardless of the theory you decide to follow there are a few attributes that all great leaders share. With the right blend of attributes, you can thrive within any leadership system. You first have to work on developing these in yourself and then lead by example as you work to help develop other leaders you identify in your organization. Ideas are easy. It’s the execution that’s so challenging. Big ideas require multiple people to bring them to life. Leadership is all about getting everyone on the same page and moving them in the same direction. One of the best books I ever read on this subject is called: Influence without Authority. Don’t confuse being the boss with being the leader– anyone at any level of an organization can be a leader. As I said – it’s about getting everyone on the same page and moving them in the same direction. Consider developing these common qualities that will enhance your leadership ability: 1. The first is Confidence. Confident people inspire confidence in others. When your team sees your confidence, they believe that you know where you’re going and how to get there. Confidence is contagious and elevates morale. No one else will be confident if you’re not. · Keep up morale by dealing with setbacks confidently. · Confidence is not an I know everything, and you know nothing approach it just means you aren’t intimidated by any situation. · Confidence is being comfortable asking and actively listening to other’s thoughts and opinions then taking that information and making a decision on a path forward. 2. The second is Trustworthiness. One of the most important attributes of a great leader is character. People need to trust you before they will follow you. This is accomplished through honesty, walking the talk, and showing respect. Keep your word and follow through. · It’s challenging for a team to accomplish anything without trust.
7 Attributes of Great Leaders
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