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I help people with emotional numbness feel the fullness of life again and achieve their goals.



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Entrepreneur mindset
On Sunday's call, I brought up what I felt I needed to shift my identity to which was being an entrepreneur. As @Gavin Speaks explained to me I am already doing entrepreneur things, it helped me to discover I was looking for a feeling. It wasn't that I need to have that identity, it was that I needed to feel like one and of course feel worthy of feeling like one. So as I did my own healing work and then relaxed the rest of these days...last night I closed a bundle deal of $352 with a client that came back after 1 session with me and will now book 4 sessions. Another client that has already had 2 sessions with me, came back and asked for me a bundle deal as well so i offered her the same one and i am just pending to see if she resonates with it and if she does that will be another $300 also, today I received a notification of a new member to my patreon tier of $8 after re wording the offering. 💕🫶 and now I am sitting in my office just re writing my offers on my website seeing that I have 528 views so far 🙈
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See! I told you. You got this! So happy for you Lia!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Crawler: Day 1
Yesterday i set the intention to hit 3k members in this group. I figured out a way to use the community where people get access to some courses free and then have to pay $9 a month to gain access to the rest. So I've already got the ball rolling. You'll see two new money manifestation courses in the Classroom. One is already complete and the other I will be doing next week (i need to make the videos) Now I will be inviting people here for FREE. Then i order to gain access to the Reality Mastery Challenge, Identity Shifting (Premium Content) Members will need to upgrade and pay $9. I hope to hit 100 members this time next week.
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@Thalia Galindo by KNOWING that you can! You got the 20 and the 100. Claiming it for you!!!
Introduction with goals - Day 1
Hello 👋 My name is April, I currently live in Iowa (Brrr) and I'm in the restaurant business. I'm going to share two goals that are important to me. One of my more immediate goals is to set up passive income through forex trading, which would allow me to have time and location freedom as I have a fiance in Tunisia & I'd like to buy a house there for occasional use. The other goal that is near and dear to my heart is losing weight, becoming healthier, and helping others do the same through a health coaching business that I plan to start this year.
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@April Peterson facts on that. I’ve actually been learning a trading strategy called The Strat. It’s very accurate and once you get it, you’ve got it. My mentor has had some phenomenal success with this strategy and now he’s teaching us. I was doing quite well in my demo account and then blew a couple of trades so I’m recalibrating my knowledge to get better. I have got to get out of this 9-5 and live my best life! Costa Rica is calling me!!!
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@April Peterson you should checkout The Strat. If you can already pretty much understand charts then you’re ahead of the game. I’m pretty new so I’m focusing on one strategy and mastering just that one. There’s a guy on YouTube called The Success Academy and he’s all about The Strat and forex. Check him out and see if it resonates. Really helped me fill in some of the gaps.
I was listening to a talk Abraham hicks was having with someone in the crowd and down the conversation the woman she was talking to dare I have a business. And that hit me! Well shit I have a same block. How dare I ask for the life I want. How dare I this and that. Uuff 🤯
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I can totally relate to this. Thank you for sharing and shedding some light for me! ❤️
Personality test
Well I am an INFJ-T and I don't think it has changed since I took this test the first time...3yrs ago!! 🤯😅 have I not changed at all?! 🤷‍♀️
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Personality test
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I’ve found that once you get to that feeling nature, not much changes with this test after that. After I got away from the thinking archetypes, each time I take it I’m still more feeling than thinking. So yes you are changing daily. Embrace your feeling nature😑
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