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My name is Elizabeth Joann. I had denounced my second name for a while. I’ve recently found cause to be known wholly. My manifestations include self trust. I love myself with limits. I don’t feel I’m accomplishing enough. That I am sufficient. These short feelings come as I singularly parent. Another manifestation is generational wealth. I’m learning of ways to make it possible and get it and see growth within the next two years. My self trust manifestation is listed first because I feel I will need a bit more confidence in order to keep moving as obstacles are part of life’s success Third after being truly confident and encamped in self. After being able to provide for my children and the family extensions to come, my manifestation is the development, continued growth, stability, and security of my four children. That I may be loving , open minded, whole hearted and wise enough to guide them freely through this lifetime. That they may maximize the characteristics they have today and not be limited or controlled by fear, discouragement or any other forms of hinderance. Thanks for reading!
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Love yourself completely and wholeheartedly. You must be satisfied with what you are and have accomplished in the now and know that you are enough! You must start with yourself and realize that in your life you have problems and the one thing that is present in all of the problems is YOU!! You have control and you are powerful enough to make the changes you need in order to LOVE yourself. Particularly since you are LOVE in its essence. Love heals all and will bring you all things wonderful including generational wealth. Wishing you peace light and love <3 You are LOVED and supported (no matter your name).
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@Elizabeth Burnett I appreciate and love you all ways always. thank you for allowing me to interact with you.
Magnificent Monday!
All that you desire and dream of is coming to you.. You have experienced enough of what you dont want. There is no need to be afraid.. GREAT THINGS are continuously coming to you.. be peaceful be loving and relax.. knowing that SOURCE is a part of you and you are a part of it.. Do you think something so powerful as SOURCE energy created you to suffer.. That Just doesnt sound right, right??? Because the source within you knows how worthy you are!!!! Relax.. You are in alignment
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@Melissa Caudill A joyful life .. A life that you deserve.. a life that you have dreamed of .. a Life that is all that you imagine and more
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@Queen Of The Entire Universe Stay in the NOW.. it is the only thing be satisfied and eager in the NOW.. Just know in the now great things are happening NOW!
The three brains
#The Three Brains I love this explanation and am thankful for it. No one has ever broken this down (at all) or even in a manner that is easy to understand. I appreciate you for your explanation and I appreciate me for seeking this understanding. I love it
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@Shonna Potter it really does
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@Karen Markum I understand and have found an in person teacher as well. I pray and know that life is blessing you in ways that you have not realized. Much love and success
I made the all time leaderboard and the 30 day leaderboard! What an exciting accomplishment.
God level awareness
After listening to this video, I realized that I get it. I'm working on not judging others first, because even the Bible says, 'how come you see the speck in your brother's eye, but you're missing the log in yours" or something like that. And not judging what's going on second, because things just are, they just are. A person just is and a situation is just a situation, you are the one who puts a label on it. For example, my dryer broke, it's not heating. The old me would have been so upset, crying, cursing, getting whinny, blah blah blah... because she'd see it as such a big mess. This new me, the Open-hearted me, the to open-minded me, just sees that is a situation. The dryer is not working, it either needs to be fixed or replaced. That's it. I decided to give it a shot at fixing it first and we're waiting for the part, but before I'd have been also upset because I have to spend money. That obsessive lack mentality the world seems to grab onto. I'm so different now, we even took advantage of the nice weather and dried the clothes outside. So, when you stop judging, you just observe. That phrase "it is what it is", it really is a powerful one. I've been there, I've been using the phrase for a while, knowing it's true, and it really helps 👍
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Glad u are finding your way
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@Maggie Alfaro well look at YOU!!! What a magnificent blessing... It all starts with being satisfied with where you are.. Knowing that the Universe is conspiring to bless you always.
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