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I Messed Up
I have a self-improvement personal brand I am building, and I'm posting on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. I started my Instagram account back on March 1st, 4 months ago. Since then I have only gained 240 followers despite posting daily. I tried many different forms of content, descriptions, tags, you name it. I even deleted all my old posts to start fresh a few days ago, and now the views have dropped even lower. Might have screwed myself over with this even more, not sure. Most views I have ever got is just over 2k, and now I'm barely even hitting 100-200. I have no clue what I'm doing wrong, because I see other younger entrepreneurs who are 14 getting to 10k followers in a week. Can somebody who posts on Instagram and has seen better growth than I have give me some tips? (Also I'm trying to niche down to talking mainly about productivity and time management) Should I just start with a new account? Here is my account (not promoting, just asking for help):
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I Messed Up
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@Owen Walsh anything but that bro. it's not about the views. all about the money. you can't make big money off of dopamine edited shorts viewers.
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@Owen Walsh yes. don't do that. you'll regret that later on when you won't be making any money. if you are providing actual value, people will listen and don't need that editing.
8k followers and 1.1M Views in 1 week got me this much members…
Hey guys. So I created a fresh new TikTok account on the 12 June and the stats are shown in the images. With this much reach the question is how many members do I have in my Skool now? I currently have 8 members. Why am I sharing this with you? Because no matter how good your content is that doesn’t mean people will take action and join your community. You have to invite them. You need to have a CTA. even those who replied to my stories to show interest using a key word still did not take action and enrol and it’s FREE. What @Andrew Kirby is sharing with us is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. The skill of onboarding members is a skill. I know how to get followers that’s easy. I know how to go viral. That’s easy. But get 1000 members into my Skool… that’s the challenge. The next 2 weeks I am focusing very heavily on Andrew’s 10k month cohort/ course. Taking notes and most importantly TAKING ACTION. I am 1 skill away from 10k a month. I can bet you there are people with less followers than me with more members. The most valuable metric is converting followers into clients or members. If you have mastered the converting followers stage. All you need to know is creating relatable content is the key to growing on social media. They need to use that share button or comment. Everything else does not matter. Which means your hook needs to be strong!!! Sharing something valuable that solves a problem is of course the other key way to grow but without this it’s pointless posting content. So unless it’s shareable or valuable don’t waste your energy. Save that energy for outreach. Listen to Andrew.
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8k followers and 1.1M Views in 1 week got me this much members…
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Tiktok viewers are less likely to join I'd imagine. they are too busy doom scrolling.
The Boolean Rule
There's one mistake that stops almost all beginners from making money online. It's the source of SO MUCH wasted time. And it makes it nearly impossible to build an audience or make money. But luckily it can be solved with one simple trick I call the BOOLEAN RULE. // The biggest mistake beginners make is making VAGUE offers to a VAGUE group of people promising to solve a VAGUE problem. If your offer is vague, it won't resonate with anyone, it won't stand out from competition, and you'll make no progress. Money hates vagueness. // The solution? Make your business BOOLEAN. What does that mean? Well, George Boole was an English mathematician and logician born in 1815. His groundbreaking work, "An Investigation of the Laws of Thought," published in 1854, introduced a new way to express logic. Boole's system used binary variables, which could take on only two values: True or false. No in between. // How does this apply to your online business? All successul online businesses clearly state who their business is for, and what problem they solve. This takes the format: I help _____ to _____. I help __SPECIFIC PERSON__ to __SPECIFIC PROBLEM__. The problem with most beginners, is the PERSON they help and the PROBLEM they solve are vague. They are not BOOLEAN. For example, if you help someone "get in shape". And then you ask 1,000 people "is that person in shape?" some would say "yes" and some would say "no". Which means that the offer is vague. And will be hard to sell. In contrast, if you help someone "lose 20lbs of fat" now there is no debate if that happened or not. It is simply true or false. It is BOOLEAN. Make sense? // By making who you help and what you solve BOOLEAN your offer will resonate significantly more, you will be able to stand out against competition, and money will flow to you far quicker. Money loves specificity. Here's 12 examples to drill it home. // Specific problem: Before: "To beat bad habits" After: "To stop fapping to anime"
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The Boolean Rule
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I help 18-30 year olds who don't want to work a 9-5 make their first $1k online through YouTube in 3-6 months. any way I can make that better? open to some feedback!
The Skool Checklist To Make More Money.
Do these things to make A LOT more money. I recommend watching the loom as I go over everything in detail and give some $100M advice. Set up / Qualifying leads - Have a calendly set up - Have your calendly link in the description of the group - Qualify leads through calendly questions - Qualify leads through 3 application questions - Qualify through automatic DM - Qualify leads through your outreach / content - Have a 5 video course with CTA at the end of each video (→ Calendly) Recurring Tasks to book calls - Have 1 value post / day (+CTA to calendly) - Post 1 poll / day (+CTA to calendly) - Have a weekly webinar (+CTA to calendly) - Have an onboarding call OR record a quick 2 min loom (personal) This depends on how qualified the people are in your group and how many requests you get. - DM strategy to make them book a call. If you did all of these things, you should make more $$$. Here's the google doc: Message me if you want me to review your community.
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The Skool Checklist To Make More Money.
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@Shay Ahmed :) just DM me if/what i should review
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@Andile Zaro the free call is a lot of value for them lol. i get it of course.
40 members 😁 and a big change 👀
I did it! I doubled the members from last post and I'm now on 40 members. Really happy with this and some of the students are already making great progress. Besides that, I made a big change which I would also qualify as a win. I basically challenged every student to do something hard for the coming 60 days, and while doing that I figured out that almost all of them didn't know what they were doing. They didn't select a niche yet, let alone make a product. This was my reason to change my niche one last time, because I'm actually way more credible on this topic and I'm sure I'll be able to provide more value this way. My new handle is 'I help educational YouTubers with making their first product and getting their first sale so they can ultimately start making $ Online 💰' . I will basically help them select a niche, start making a product and then market it the right way. My perfect customer is now a starting educational YouTuber and I will keep the community for free so they get invested "give the information and sell the personalisation", and after that I can start coaching. I'm thinking about charging $1 for the first coaching call just for the irony of 'me making money from it' and than after that I can offer a serious plan. Happy with this and now I'll go back to work to grind for the next Win I can post :)
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Am I the only one that thinks this sounds like borderline MLM? Making money on skool by teaching others how to make money on skool...
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