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just signed up for the Content to Cash course! Excited to dive in!! My name is Tessa Paige and I am a money coach! I help women organize their finances and create a life of their dreams!



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You set some goals for yourself in 2023. You also said you'd be making changes to achieve those goals this year. How's it going for you? What's one tiny change you've implemented to achieve your goals? Let us know in the comments! #AccountabilityCheck



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    For me it would be creating healthy “bookends” to start and end my day with!

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    @Giulia Guerrieri 🤍 thank you for your response! Well in the mornings I’ve been waking up early, drinking water, doing face yoga, tapping for abundance, reading journaling, and preparing my mind// body for the day! And the evening kinda the same skin care routine stretching, journaling and reading! I know that anything that happened though out the day I stared and ended it with a healthy happy grateful mindset! I’ve had nothing but a smile on my face such a lovely way to start and end the day!

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