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I wasn't expecting THAT! (Guess who?)
"Reality is the best teacher. Cowardice leads to retardation. The coward spends copious amounts of time inside of his own head. Trying to do the math, figure it out, trying to run a reality simulation in his head. "Will this business model work?" the coward asks. He researches every single YouTube video on the business model, he makes a daily schedule, he reads books and "thinks" about what exactly he will do. He writes it all down, plans and plans and plans. Then comes to the conclusion it's "over-saturated" after wasting 3 days "researching". Not once did the coward DO anything. He didn't START the business, he didn't start trying to sell, he didn't make social media accounts, he didn't PRODUCE ANYTHING. All he did was "think". He does this for everything in life, all "thinking" no action. All "preparing" never doing. He reflects on his last 4 years and says he has "tried" everything when truly he has done nothing. He possesses every logical argument known to man on why he's a weak loser. Genetics, upbringing, "not the right time", "didn't find the right business model yet", The man could go on forever. He's a "thinker" also known as a retard. Too afraid of the brutal sting of failure, too afraid to get punched in the face to ever ACTUALLY learn how to fight. Imagine trying to be a professional fighter and spending your life avoiding getting punched in the face. The coward tries to learn all the hard lessons without the STING that is required to come with them. All the "Intelligence", none of the wisdom. No experience. Nothing but "thought". You aren't smarter than reality. Want to know if a business model works? TRY IT. Spend 6 months 24/7 trying to FORCE it to work. Spend every waking second DOING things to try and FORCE THE UNIVERSE TO COMPLY. You will never learn business in a book, science does not make NEW discoveries without experiments. Without EFFORT. Without ACTION. Only reality can teach you how reality operates. You need to not avoid situations where you might get punched in the face if you have any hopes of becoming a good fighter.
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What if I watch all the YouTube videos AND start the business(es)? (He asks while trying to build out a new version of a website so I can do more stuff).
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@Carl Munson Nothing too much. I've had a website on a platform that would not let me provide video content through a pay wall and book appointments for live work without more technical skill than I have. I've sat an not acted for a while, but finally to the point where I'm making the move now. Just fun times in the over the head technology universe.
Kings' Day?
As I understand it, today, 6th January, is for some the celebration of the three Kings and their visit to the newly-born Jesus. It's also called 'epiphany" and '12th Night'. Continuing with my earlier idea of 'peak meaningless-ness', I have this day as a husk of a ritual, whose meaning might be investigated, and thereby re-known; its profundity recognised (and truly celebrated, if useful). Does this day have any significance, or could it, for you?
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In a church tradition, epiphany Sunday represented the end of the Christmas season. So, for those following a liturgical calendar, there is a shift in a lot of stuff - hymns, readings, etc. Pragmatically, the decorations can come down.
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@Carl Munson some would also argue that the magi didn't arrive until Jesus was 3 yrs old. In that version it wasn't in the Manger, or in Bethlehem for that matter. On a related matter, a transformative book, though I'm sure controversial one, is José Saramago's "The Gospel According to Jesus Christ". I read a beautiful English translation of it and found it very powerful, if painful.
They say it's "2024", but where are you ... right now?
What are your favourite/best ways for coming for being present in the present (should you ever catch yourSELF drifting into the past or future?
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@Carl Munson its an interesting question. I think the primary aim is to be able to be primarily planted in Now so I can find joy in the current moment less captive to the past that I can't change or the future which may or may not happen.
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@Carl Munson yes, that is a good way to put it, and I've been in that universe of "too much time focused on everything related to the means to the end". I feel like I'm now focused on healing people, which is good to experience while waiting for our time to finally journey eastward (which of course is thinking of the future... but there it is).
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We are sort of world travelers living in Chicago. Steve is retired while Tammy still works. Still sorting a Portugal life for once we take the leap.

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