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Not only does this improve the quality of content that exists on the internet (the Synthesizer mission). But this rightly positions you as an authority, putting you in the perfect place to make more sales.



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    yea I agree -- what is it you know about the future that can help people avoid risks and take advantage of opportunities with step-by-step instruction.

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    @David Jones 100%

The All In podcast is a podcast with 4 billionaires. In one of their recent episodes they said: "In the future ALL Marketing and Advertising will be spent on Content Creation." They believe traditional business like McDonalds will fail. And be replaced by Creator led businesses, like MrBeast Burger. They also said: "In 20 years, 90% of business will be around personal brands." Crazy, right? And to remind you... These guys are billionaires. With jets, yachts, and wildly successful companies. More successful than Hormozi, Sam Ovens, Graham Stephan, or whichever other business guy you like. So when they say Content is the future, we should listen to them. And now that I think about it... Even Elon Musk, the richest man on earth, still believes creating content is a valuable use of his time. And just think about how valuable his time is. If what these guys are saying is true... This is the opportunity of our lifetime. And we're still the early adopters.



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Here's what the journey ahead looks like: Step 1: Make your first piece of content Step 2: Get in the habit of creating Step 3: Make your first dollar Step 4: Get 10,000 followers Step 5: Make $10,000/month Step 6: Financial freedom A note about habits: Reaching all six steps is possible, but it's a long road ahead. If you're only creating content for views, followers, or money, then you probably won't make it. In the beginning, you won't get those things. So you'll quit. The solution is to fall in love with creating. To create out of intrinsic motivation. Because you enjoy it. And just the process of creating helps you. A note about money: Money is important. But I don't think it's our end goal here. Content is growing exponentially. Our attention is limited. The role of the synthesizer becomes more important every single day. Our end goal is to commit to solving the 'disjointed knowledge problem' full-time. Now that's a meaningful goal. A note about $10,000/month: It is possible to earn much more than this through synthesizing, but this is roughly the point where your happiness stops increasing as you earn more. A note about Financial Freedom: The goal isn't to sit on a beach and drink cocktails. The goal is to use this freedom to make art. To create something beautiful for the other people on earth. At this point significant impact can be made. A note about "Celebrations": This community has exceeded my expectations in terms of energy and aliveness. I didn't quite realise how strongly being synthesizers would resonate with you guys. Thank you, sincerely, for your response. I've added a "celebrations" post category. I think this will add to the energy of the group. Whenever you hit part of the roadmap, make a post! We will keep track of how many people are at each level. Also feel free to post other celebrations not on the roadmap. Final notes: This roadmap is definitely not final. If you see any problems with it, comment below. If you can think of anything you think should be added, comment below.



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    Belief and commitment are two keys to content creation -- the rest happens as quickly as you make it happen. But without belief and commitment you'll start and stop and it'll effect the results and ability to get better -- and you risk quitting.

They all spend a lot of time speaking with their audience. I've heard Andrew Tate talk about replying to hundreds of emails per day. I've heard Gary Vee talk about staying up to 4AM DMing his audience. And I've seen Hamza do multiple free coaching calls with his audience... --- It's easy to forget that views/likes are real people. If you want views, you need to make content people want. It's easier to do that if you speak to people. If you want money, you need to solve people's problems. They will tell you their problems on calls. + serendipity. --- Every small creator should have an open Calendly link on their profile



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Sometimes I forget people still think TikTok is for kids, dancing, etc. So just wanted to provide some info here to anyone considering whether it's right for them. It's been my main source of leads for over a year. Now that I've dialed in my content it's really producing. I create selfie-style videos, talking to the camera and I also repurpose from podcast appearances (which I record with my own equipment -- vertical DSLR) which my team then chops into clips. I have close to 40K followers and in just the last few days I booked nearly 50K in sales. All organic (and with mature business people). And a lot more in the pipeline near closing. It has also fueled my YouTube growth -- I'm about to hit my first 1000 subs which is pretty exciting. I've personally found that TikTok and YT are VERY complimentary. Here are links to both of my channels if you're interested in checking them out. https://www.tiktok.com/@stephengpope https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIg2taLnC9X6LRP1k3kukOA And feel free to let me know if you have any questions.



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Hey Everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Stephen, I met Andrew in Sam Oven's mastermind group and we found we had a lot in common. I help people build content machines, automated systems to distribute content @ scale with a lean cost-effective team and without a lot of your time. Looking forward to learning from you all and contributing to your success.



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Not many people know this, but I actually almost partnered with Alex Hormozi. You can hear my story (and the three things that Alex knows about money that you probably don't) here: https://youtu.be/jEnbQE2u9VM Or you can download a searchable database of every video, interview, TikTok, and tweet that Alex has put out by clicking here. I believe this database can change lives, and I hope you find value in it.



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    dude that insane what an interesting idea to create a database of content of specific people

You don't always have to create new content. Especially when you have a lot of content that could be re-used (after you make it better). I started going deeper into the stats of my TikTok content and built a system to re-engineer it for more views and performance. It takes a bit of organization to do it right but it's well worth it. I use Airtable to store/link all my content I pull in social analytics to compare the performance I use the organization to re-engineer the clip quickly Then I repost it and keep track of 2nd, 3rd revisions, etc I made a quick video on it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hev20eaGl6A Let me know if you have any questions glad to help.



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