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Thoughts on AI Agents?
The topic of AI agents is taking centre stage. Here's a list of different AI agent frameworks with a short description of each: - LangChain: A framework for developing applications powered by language models, focusing on composability and integrations. - AutoGPT: An experimental open-source application showcasing the capabilities of GPT-4, designed to autonomously achieve tasks. - BabyAGI: A simple AI agent that uses OpenAI and Pinecone APIs to create, prioritize, and execute tasks based on a given objective. - AgentGPT: A web-based platform that allows users to create and deploy AI agents for various tasks using natural language instructions. - CAMEL (Communicative Agents for Mind Exploration of Large Scale Language Model Society): An agent framework that uses role-based chat to guide agents towards task completion while maintaining consistency with human intentions. - Cognitive Architectures: Frameworks that aim to create artificial general intelligence by modeling human cognitive processes. - Multi-Agent Systems: Frameworks that involve multiple interacting intelligent agents working together to solve complex problems. (Agent Swarm; CrewAI) - Hierarchical Agents: Structured systems where higher-level agents oversee lower-level agents, useful for coordinating multiple activities in complex environments. - GPT-Engineer: An AI agent designed to generate entire codebases from natural language descriptions. - Godmode: A framework that allows users to create AI agents with specific personalities and capabilities. - ChatDev: A framework for creating AI agents that can collaborate on software development tasks. - MetaGPT: A multi-agent framework that assigns different roles to AI agents for collaborative problem-solving. - OpenAI Assistants API: A framework for creating AI agents with specific capabilities and access to external tools. I am taking some time to learn CrewAI and Agent Swarm. @David Gabel is becoming a Crew AI expert faster than new AI tool releases ;)
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Thoughts on AI Agents?
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Taskade would be considered a Multi-agent system wouldn’t it? I’ve been tinkering around with it and it definitely requires more training/familiarizing than I have done at least. Also, anyone familiar with AIConsole? It’s an open source desktop platform that comes with multiple agents (automater, programmer, assistant, coach, planner, writer, and more!). It uses ToML, which is not too difficult for someone like me who doesn’t know how to code 😬
We want to hear from you😃
Spent the bulk of March doing B2B AI-training sessions and the rest of it on calls getting to know some of you and your pain points. (Thanks for sharing). Excited to meet and talk to each and all of you (soon I hope!) Our group is growing faster, and since it's not easy getting on calls in a short time span, I'd like to ask your thoughts below. We want to serve you better, and ensure everyone benefits from this shared value. Below are some focus areas for April's cohort. (More details to follow) Please vote and feel free to add alternative suggestions we didn't consider. Thanks
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We want to hear from you😃
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If he’s referring to building assistants^^^, then I’m in agreement. I’m interested in building an AI platform for productized service, but I’m getting into bubble with some guidance from wgmi academy as well. Hopefully your B2B training was enjoyable!
Help us Choose the Best Landing Page🤩
Hi Everyone, We're improving the full course and gaining super valuable feedback along the way. Would love if you could choose your favorite landing page among these 3 below, and also specify which elements you LIKED MOST & DISLIKED MOST: A. Classic: B. Black: C. White: Thanks so much, your input will help us improve much faster.
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Help us Choose the Best Landing Page🤩
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White is my fav. Minimal and sleek
Mind-blowing AI Statistics🤯
If this doesn't get you serious about AI, I don't know what will... 1. The global AI market is valued at over $196 billion. 2. AI industry value is projected to increase by over 13x over the next 7 years. 3. The US AI market is forecast to reach $299.64 billion by 2026. 4. The AI market is expanding at a CAGR of 38.1% between 2022 to 2030. 5. By 2025, as many as 97 million people will work in the AI space. 6. AI market size is expected to grow by at least 120% year-over-year. 7. 83% of companies claim that AI is a top priority in their business plans. 8. Netflix makes $1 billion annually from automated personalized recommendations. 9. 48% of businesses use some form of AI to utilize big data effectively. 10. 38% of medical providers use computers as part of their diagnosis. For the full fascinating read, check out: 👇
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Mind-blowing AI Statistics🤯
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Sounds like we're in the right place ay fellas! In all seriousness, Lyle and Alex, my hats off for you both.
I was like the 3rd member to sign up for the Skool integration! Should get some points for that haha. Anyways, hey everyone, just wanted to chip in by adding another good resource for AI updates and insights! It's a newsletter by Andrew Darius. If you don't know him, check him out! Looking forward to what this course has to offer. I'm on module 3 and it has changed my perspective a lot! Anyways, have a good week!
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WOW. Module 3 opened my eyes to the fact that we are capable of virtually anything when we use AI correctly. I would have to say that unless you have clearly formulated vision, mission, and goals (target audience,etc), it's crucial that you step back and identify those key components before continuing on your journey. I had to step back and ask myself questions and reflect on the results. Doing this, and articulating these components thoroughly drastically changes the output, but most of all it simplified the entire process. I know that most people probably had this done, but I was so excited to dive into the prompts and see the outputs that I hadn't put everything into words, or into a doc. Overall, including this task as a prerequisite to the course would significantly improve the experience! Thanks for asking! I'm curious what your response is to the same question?
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