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The Thrivers Roadmap
Here's what the journey ahead looks like: Step 1: Understanding that your thoughts are not you Step 2: Get in the habit of being aware of your thoughts Step 3: Do your first fear-based action beyond the thought Step 4: Find your fulfilment Step 5: Take action towards your fulfilled life / business A note about the above steps: Reaching all five steps is possible, but it's a long road ahead. If you're only manifesting based on ego alone then you probably won't make it. The solution is to fall in love with your path. To surrender to your heart's truth. Not trying to make things happen but you let things happen through deep acceptance and surrender. A note about thoughts: Thoughts are as important as you make them. We can use our brains to direct us to positive outcomes in our life. We can imagine the heart being the ship and the brain being the sailor. They say "follow your bliss", or "listen to your heart" for a reason. The heart is the first organ to grow in the human body. Once we master listening to the heart we can experience more fulfilment in life. A note about action. Action is an emotion, not a thought process! If you're thinking about taking action, you're back in the mind. You're experiencing the ego and the ego only begets more ego. Otherwise known as resistance, procrastination, doubt, and fear. The heart however is emotion. E-MOTION energy in motion! If you want to move you have to FEEL! The more you lock feelings and emotions towards something the more you'll take action towards it. Think about the desire for your sexuality. For most people, this emotion controls them and gets them to take massive action. What if you had that much emotion and desire to achieve the goal? Where it's so strong that you can't help it! A note about fulfilment. Change the rules in your mind that you have to achieve something big in order to be fulfilled. Take away the destination and understand that the destination is right under your nose... The heart! When you wake up each day set the RULE that you are fulfilled and happy just for being live. Practice this every morning. You don't need to achieve anything because your biggest goal in life has been achieved by just waking up "BEING ALIVE". Now you're in the vibration of fulfilment thus manifesting more of it through owning the vibration of the thing you want.
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The Thrivers Roadmap
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Wow…this is so exciting! 🤗 I’ve had to print this and stick it in my planner 💫🙏🏽
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@Sheena Joseph I was just about to say that we are ban from Social Media 🤣
My core mission here on earth is to Raise Vibration The Vibration Of The Planet by awakening minds to the truth. Throughout my journey, I know one thing for sure. There is a higher power and I call that higher power god. We are it and it is you. It's all one. I am a reminder to work with the truth so you can live an inspired life and manifest your heart's truth.
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Amazing 🤩 Thank you 🙏🏽
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What's Up Thrivers! Welcome to the Thrive law of attraction Skool. This skool aims to help Conscious Manifesters manifest a fulfilling life & business by mastering their thoughts. Start by following the steps below: - Step 1 - Claim Your Free Alchemy Energy Reading - Step 2 - Receive Important Updates (Your Energy Reading & More) Click > #Save To Your Phone - Step 3 - Check Out Our Amazing Testimonials - Step 4 - Here's The Gavin Speaks Team @Jared Dunlop @Treva Gage - Step 5 - FREE Courses & Training - Step 6 - Our Live Workshop Calendar - Step 7 - Roadmap - Step 8 - Mission - Step 9 - Resources To kick things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know: 1. Your name 2. What you're currently focused on manifesting See you in the comments!
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Hi All, My Name is Shantel 🤗. I am currently manifesting a more abundant life for me and my family. Also Manifesting opportunities for my daughters in their acting and modelling careers. I’m Manifesting a more advanced spiritual journey for myself 💫. I’m starting 2 new businesses so I’m manifesting a smooth transition as this was something I never thought about until 2 months ago! So grateful how the universe lead me to this community 🙏🏽
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