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My offer on Create and Automate Digital Products
· I've decided & picked a profitable niche and topic for my Digital Product which is helping OFW to be debt-free and have their own business when they return home. · The problem I aim to solve is Time and Financial freedom helping and the result they'll accomplish once they go through guidance from me is they are able to go home with their family having their own business to start and ready to operate. · My offer statement is: How to be Financially Stable · I've shared my story on my socials which includes my offer statement. See attached screenshot. I just posted it right now and waiting for any comments/inquiries.
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My offer on Create and Automate Digital Products
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Beautiful start, Magdalena! It takes as many refinements as it takes to perfect the magnetizing content. You've got this!
👋 Introduce yourself right here!
This is the introductions thread. Say hi, tell us where you’re from and what your course, membership or group coaching program is all about! In your introduction, answer these 4 questions: ➡️ What is your name (feel free to share pronouns if you’d like)? Your nickname is fine! ➡️ What is your course, group coaching program or membership is all about? ➡️ Why did you choose to have this kind of offer? We'd love to learn your story. ➡️ Tell us something fun: What is your favorite thing to do outside your business? (read personal development books, do yoga 3-5x a week, triathlete etc) We can’t wait to meet you! P.S Remember, you're here to introduce yourself and not to promote your offers. This is all about YOU as a person, a leader and what is it you'd want to be known for or as. Let's celebrate YOU!
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👋 Introduce yourself right here!
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@Peter Lee Welcome, Peter! We're glad to have you here to learn with and learn from, too.
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@Raymond Braganza Hear, hear! Shine that fire!
1 liner offer draft
Hello! Just finished a draft of my offer, would appreciate feedback below: Attention aspiring sports photographers: If I offered to teach you how to be an effective and efficient sports photographer with actual results in 90 days… - On site, in game exposure - With pre and post event coverage briefing and analysis - Improved output within a week Would you take me up on that offer? If you’re keen on either making your passion your work or making money off of photography as a side hustle, let’s talk.
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Thank you for sharing, Raymond! For the last line, how much more powerful would it be if you chose only one or the other? Thinking as an aspiring photographer/digital artist, I would resonate with the passion bit, but that's just my two cents. And how much more specific/tangible in terms of the end transformation can "make your passion work" be rephrased? Hope this helps. I'm echoing what the amazing @Kassy Pajarillo has so beautifully taught me.
New here + Ask Me Anything (Digital Product Creation)
Hello everyone, I'm new to this community and look forward to engaging with all of you. I work in digital product creation and am happy to answer any questions or share experiences. I'm happy to answer all your questions, if I can help, i.e. on the following topics and more: -Idea generation for digital product offers (and testing them) -Market research -Content creation (value video creation, scripting, graphic design) -Landing pages & hosting -Sell before build strategy -Market research and target audience analysis -Pre-launching -Development and design -Marketing and sales -Scaling and growth -Best tools for everything (in my experience)0 -Platforms depending on purpose (my take on it) Feel free to ask anything to get a conversation starten here. Cheers, Peter
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@Peter Lee Thanks! Yes! Lots to rethink in terms of the copy I used. I thought I was doing so, but I'll double-check that I actually am.
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@Peter Lee Thank you again! Yes, definitely, I'm in the process of getting such input now. Scheduling calls with previous clients to get the languaging down.
🔴 Session 2: Simple Sales on Autopilot
In this session, it's time for us to cancel the old ways and shift from pain points to transformations. The reason you're struggling to have that sustainable growth, and increase your sales: - You're not reaching enough people - You're not reaching the right people - You're not reaching people more than once. - You're not being consistent, relevant & visible. ACTION-STEP: [1] Share your irresistible offer (use format) [2] What did you realize or learned after you watched today's session? ** CREATE & AUTOMATE ** Your 12-month program where we get to build monthly recurring revenue using evergreen funnel + group coaching/courses. Apply here ➡️
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🔴 Session 2: Simple Sales on Autopilot
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@Kassy Pajarillo Like this? 😇 Let me tell you the story of Lotus (name changed for privacy reasons), a powerful healer and spiritual coach, and how she supercharged her capacity to see beyond the physical to support a client better. Lotus and I began working together because she wanted confirmation of her soul blueprints and purpose here on Earth in the field of healing. One day, she booked a lightning session to get help with a client case; we discussed the details and I provided advice on some aspects of it. Then, she asked to confirm the reasons for her client's illness, and I invited her to tune in with me for the answers. I asked her to focus on the client's radiant energy at her core, and then to sense the energy field of the illness, and to read the difference between the two fields to feel for the emotional layer of the field. Just like that, Lotus could get a clearer read of what emotional burdens the client was carrying that were causing the illness and how to support her through the recovery from it. If you'd like to supercharge your own gifts like Lotus so that you can help your clients more, come and join my Wealthy Soul group healing and spiritual coaching program where you'll reprogram your body, mind and spirit using easy quantum tools and practices so that you can live prosperously and abundantly, free to do your magic as a healer, psychic, intuitive or spiritual coach while empowering others, too. I'd love to hear from you in the next 30-90 days to see where you're at.
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@Kassy Pajarillo Thanks, Kassy! Absolutely!
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