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First 36kg TGU!
Started my 4th round of the flagship program this week. And today was the day to attempt my first TGU with my new heavy bell, the 36kg. Once again I was amazed at how it felt heavy, but I was still strong AF through the motion. This progression has been so awesome and while I know I'll probably start to plateau a little bit as I get into the heavier bells, I'm still fully committed to chasing down that 48kg TGU. Get some!! Side note: Gotta love when your wife is still your biggest cheerleader after 24 years of being together.
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Yo lets go!
Just Joined!
Where are you from? The Bay Area, CA! What's your nickname? Super stud! Haha nah just kidding. Just Nick Favorite Kettlebell Exercise? Swings definitely. Least Favorite Kettlebell Exercise? Probably the clean to be honest. Can’t wait to master it πŸ€™πŸ» Looking forward to connecting with this community more!!
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What I would give if you guys @Sean Griffin @Grant Anderson would create a comprehensive manual lol With all the programs from your Instagram compiled into 1 place... It would be the best KB book on the market IMO
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Maybe one day :-)
54 year old surfer with herniated discs (good timesπŸ„β€β™‚οΈ)
Where are you from? Huntington Beach, CA What's your nickname? Just plain ol Mike Favorite Kettlebell Exercise? Probably the snatch but it's been several years... Least Favorite Kettlebell Exercise? Overhead squat - lacking the flexibility to do it What do you need immediate help with inside this community? I used to swing KB's 5+ years ago but my L4, L5, S1 are herniated, etc. so it's hard for me to imagine swinging or TGU's with my 53lb bell, let alone exceeding that weight. I don't want to further injure my back BUT I also know that I need to strengthen my core to protect my back! Hoping that I can do just that with KB's!
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Kettlebells are definitely the tool man!!! Slow and steady progress with proper technique is the key
Doing the 16 week training program and on my heavier bell as my standard bell and the 400 swings a week are really exacerbating an SI Joint injury and herniated lumbar disc. My question is then can I drop to 50-75 swings instead of the full 100? I would also use single arm swings or snatches to help. My working bell is 70lbs and my TGU bell is 53. I can single hand swing the 70 so I would be using that weight with my single arm swings, but would drop to 53 for the snatches. Any thoughts or help? It matches the training philosophy but unsure about adjustment due to the injuries.
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Hey @Anthony DeCusatis ... sorry to hear about your SI Joint pain... I probably wouldn't switch to 1-hand swings or snatches if you're experiencing SI pain as single arm exercises will typically cause even more stress at the joint due the anti-rotational challenge of those exercises. If you're experiencing pain from increasing weight in the 2-hand swing I'd look at these factors: - are you taking enough rest between working sets? - is your technique dialed in? - are you getting enough rest between workout days? - in terms of recovery... how's your sleep and nutrition? I don't see any issue with decreasing the # of reps to see if that helps, but I would be cautious changing to those single arm exercises for the potential issues mentioned above. Hope that helps!
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