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🎨 This group is for landscape artists and realism painters who want to accelerate their painting skills so they can sell their art. JOIN FOR FREE 😀

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Elevate your artistry quickly so you can sell your art with my landscape painting blueprint. Live classes, expert instruction, friendly community 😀


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I Just Got my First High Ticket Client! 🎉
Hey everyone I am celebrating a win! Yesterday I got my first high ticket client, and it is all thanks to everything I have learned from @Ted Carr and his team at Contentpreneurs and The Mastermind. I am a landscape artist, and I teach my painting skills online. I help artists struggling with their painting (especially with composition, tonal values, and colour mixing) get to a standard where they can sell their artwork, showcase it in a gallery, or start an online art business. I struggled for many years with my online art business, and my income was feast or famine. I joined Contentpreneurs three months ago, and it has been an absolute GAME CHANGER for my art coaching business. I sold my first one-on-one high-ticket art coaching program for $1000 USD yesterday. Not only that, but I have been getting more subscribers to my paid art group, more engagement, and happier subscribers due to implementing the strategies Ted and his team teach. If you are on the fence about whether to join Contentpreneurs, I can totally recommend it. I've learned so much in the last three months; I feel different, my mindset is in a better place, I feel more confident, and I am excited about my online art coaching business. I am so thankful to Ted and his team 😀
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@Elly De Backer thank you so much 😊
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@Kyle Ellerbeck thank you Kyle 😀
2 group fees
If i set up 2 groups do i then pay 2 fees? Thanks
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@Ross Cooney you should try and find some people who also want to create Skool groups and get them to use your affiliate as you will get $39 monthly recurring commissions. If you get 5 people to use your code that would cover the cost of your two groups.
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@Ross Cooney Click on your profile icon in the top right corner, then click settings. From there click referrals and you will have your referral code there. Give your code to someone that is setting up a Skool group.
Reviewing Your Coaching Offer... LIVE
Last night I spent 2 hr and 40m reviewing your coaching offers and doing my best to make them better... Y You can watch the replay here to see if your offer would pass The "Ted, would you pay me?" Test. If you'd like me to host another 'Clarifying Your Offer' workshop like this, let me know in the comments below by dropping a "AGAIN PLEASE" and I'll consider it. It was a lot of fun and I think it was helpful for everyone who came. T
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Such a good Zoom call yesterday, I had a light bulb moment💡 😀
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@Kyle Ellerbeck thanks so much Kyle 😀
100 Members in a few weeks! (And 4 Paid)
- Good Youtube and Blog Content - Nice lead magnet - always make a CTA to your LM - Funnel to the email list - Promote Skool in the email list and thank you page - Going through all my old sales leads and inviting them Half my members are from Skool search. My group is 5th in "Love." I rank high because we have great engagement, mostly because of me and two other members. Need to work on more engagement. I have a paid group with 7 members. 4 are paid at $29 a month. Now it's $39 a month and going up. I do two livestreams a week for paid, and 2 a month for free, but randomly stream sometimes. Work hard. Focus. Positivity. Skool is Addicting
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Well done mate! I agree with you, Skool is addictive!
Who's attending tonight?
If you still need help with coming up with your offer, you may like this: I'm hosting an Offer Clarity therapy session tonight at 6pm EST on Zoom, and it's free (but I was advised to charge for it). The purpose of the session is to get you clear on an offer that you LOVE and that will help you bring in $10,000/month. Spoiler: I'm probably going to suggest you charge at least $1,000-$2,000 for your offer. This way, you only need to sell 5-10 per month to make $10,000. Easy math. Before attending, spend some time brainstorming what you want to help people with and then find at least one example of someone who makes a living already selling something similar. Want to attend? Here's the link:
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Me too, I need all the help I can get right now 😀
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