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Is it currently possible to restrict access to courses only to specific members or groups of members? Or would that require having a second skool?



Nick Guadagnoli
Nils Koppelmann
David Reis
Cameron McFadyen
Chris Lawson
New comment 5d ago
  • 2 likes • Feb 11

    @Nils Koppelmann @Dusan Cvetkovic Here's a workaround: Create a 2nd course inside of your current skool and call it "next level" for example with 1 module inside +CTA explaining what next program is about and how they can be part of it. That way when someone clicks on "classroom" they see that there are multiple levels, the one they have full access to then the other (s). Then when they enroll, you give them access to other skool which has its' own community and classroom. Just an idea just came to mind as I've seen many people ask this question. Hope this helps.

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Sean McLellan
Cody McDowell
Bruno Domingues
Steven Souther
Eben Wilson
New comment Aug 17
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    This is brilliant. @Sam Ovens Do you think you'll utilize this system to provide us the ability to create affiliate systems for our own Skools? Perhaps for an additional charge even! At the end of the day, more users we have, more users/future affiliate Skool has!

  • 5 likes • Aug 11

    @Sam Ovens Hell yea. You'll solve an incredible problem!

Hey @Sam Ovens is making the affiliate program available for our Skools in the plans within this year? Thanks,



Sam Ovens
New comment Sep 2

@Sam Ovens i saw that you guys added levels next to names which is awesome. Is it possible that those could be customizable? 2 reasons: 1. We’d love to have our coaches & admin be titled that as our group gets bigger, we want the community to recognize those answering their questions because although our community is super supportive of each other, we’ve noticed that some students give wrong answers & suggestions! 2. We now give our students awards for when hitting certain milestones and several of our students want to “feel cool” with that title next to their name as they post in the community. Thanks and keep crushing it. The platform is incredible! ❤️



Nick Guadagnoli
Mareya Ali
Bashar J Katou
New comment Jul 29
  • 0 likes • Jul 28

    That’s awesome, but can we customize the entire thing? So instead of it saying “level 1 - noob, it would just say “noob” I ask bcuz isn’t this based on their engagement in the community? In other words, if I want to customize a specific person’s title, I won’t be able to, correct?

  • 1 like • Jul 29

    @Nick Guadagnoli yes. I am thinking of these two scenarios: 1. If we want to give our team specific titles such as admin of coach, those shouldn’t be tied to their engagement nor should they change as their engagement goes up/down. 2. When rewarding specific students, that also should stay and shouldn’t change with their level of engagement. Thanks! :)

Now you can monitor the health of your group with three simple metrics: 1. Total members: How many members are in your group over time 2. Active members: How many members visit your group on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis 3. Daily activity: How active your group is daily over a 365 day period I think we all agree, the most important metric is active members. It's a measure of engagement. Check out your own group metrics and let me know what you think in the comments?



Mitch Wilder
Natu Myers
Cody McDowell
Lucio Guido
Kieza Silveira De Sousa
New comment May 12
  • 3 likes • Apr 28

    This is awesome, thanks @Sam Ovens Quick question, were you guys planing on creating metrics for the classroom as well? We'd love to be able to see how our members are progressing through our program and where they're getting stuck that way we can enhance our program.

  • 1 like • May 1

    @Sam Ovens 1. Take the single profile progress bars and make it available for everyone in each course. 2. Shows both percentage and number just like the current community activity reports. 3. Be able to select customized date ranges rather than just last week, month, etc. Hope this helps.

@Sam Ovens until now we were able to create a lesson without a video if we only needed to add a PDF using the links. But for some reason now those same lessons because they don't have a link, it is showing as if the video is blocked although there isn't supposed to be a video. Any idea how to overcome that? Thanks,



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Bashar J Katou
New comment May 6
  • 3 likes • May 6

    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe You're the man. Thank you sir. All good now! :)

Posts like these in our community all day long. Thank you @Sam Ovens



Samuel Snead
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Sam Ovens
New comment Feb 15

As our community began using Skool, which btw @Sam Ovens, it is an incredible tool, below are some of suggestions that they've made: 1. Tests/quizzes through out the lessons in classroom to test their knowledge and make sure they're understanding the content correctly. 2. Gamification. They love it in the community but they've also asked if they'd get some icons next to their name when they finish certain points in the program (classroom) 3. Being able to have group messages. We push accountability partners/groups and we now have 10's of groups with 5-50 people within our community. They currently use Whatsapp, FB & other platforms but because they want less distractions and stay focused on learning, they'd love to have everything in one place. 4. Streaming live calls into the FB group while they're happening to push more into the calls. 5. Some type of an affiliate function. Now, students have to reach out to either the closers who enrolled them or our support team, but if there was an easier way especially to create a link and be trackable, that'd be amazing as 10% (250k/mo) of our sales now come from affiliates and it is growing month over month! 6. Being able to have bolding and/or changing fonts in description of classroom and in posts so that important things pops! A few things we, as the company would love: 1. Backend tracking. It is amazing to see individual profile progress, but it would be HUGE if we could see how the community is doing as a whole, % of those who have gone thru x part of the program, that way we can make necessary changes and fix bottle necks to ensure our students keep progressing through and getting greater results. 2. Dripping Content. We implemented this after enrolling in accelerator and saw the change in refunds dramatically as people are very likely to go through and click on every single video when they first enroll and they get overwhelmed! 3. Be able to integrate our merchant (Easy Pay Direct) and run our billing through skool + calculate commission would be HUGE.



Eric Calica
Sam Ovens
Stepan Hlinka
Samuel Snead
New comment Feb 12

As we're migrating over to Skool which is insanely valuable to our students, some students are asking if they can create groups in messages. We urge many to get into accountability partnerships/groups and now with Skool having the location feature being searchable is awesome, but many simply want to completely phase out of FB & other platforms and just live on skool since now everything is here. @Sam Ovens is there a way around that or is that something you guys are thinking of implementing? Thanks,



Sam Ovens
Bashar J Katou
New comment Feb 10
  • 2 likes • Feb 10

    @Sam Ovens Got it. Do you not see the value in accountability groups though? I as because I know for our community that has been an amazing thing our students do which has empowered many micro-leaders pop and build their own little groups and help each other!

@Sam Ovens is it possible to add more fields to the top such as in the screenshot?



Sam Ovens
Bashar Katou
Nick Guadagnoli
New comment Jan 25
  • 0 likes • Jan 24

    @Sam Ovens I see that "categories" could potentially solve what we're looking to add there. Can an admin change the category of a member's post or only the owner of the post can?

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