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This can absolutely transform your life!
Waking up in the morning is one of the most prime times to reprogram your subconscious mind for deeper connection to your true self and overall fulfillment in life. Your brain is passing through a theta brain wave state where you’re more susceptible to suggestion. A seed is set in the morning everyday that can sprout into any form of a plant possible throughout the day dependent on where you place your attention and therefore energy. If you ever wake up feeling anxious and stressed it’s important not to listen to your thoughts, consume social media, or any information that could pull you further out alignment. The greatest things you can do for yourself immediately upon waking is reconnecting to your sacred heart and the frequency of gratitude for being alive. I promise myself everyday that I won’t leave my bed until I have completely fallen in love with my life no matter what is going on for me externally. I simply set my intention for the day, place it in my sacred heart, and allow it to circulate through my aura by engaging a short series of breath work practices. Lately my intention has been to be an embodiment of unconditional love. I allow this to be a guide throughout my life. I may engage a longer form breath-work / yoga / meditation / journal routine after I get out of my bed but I always ensure that I briefly connect to who I truly am and what I am here for before I get out of bed above all else. Im curious… What is your deepest heart centred intention for yourself right now? How can you connect to this aspect of your being before you get out of bed and allow it to guide you throughout your day? Also are interested in learning a series of alchemical breath-work techniques that I use to expand my consciousness? I would more than love to share 🙏🏾 Let me know below ⬇️ With love as always, Jared
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@Jared Dunlop yes that 17 seconds before your Momentum is thoughts, starts is important rn after waking up to cautiously optimistic about what you want the day to be done ✔️
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What's Up Thrivers! Welcome to the Thrive law of attraction Skool. This skool aims to help Conscious Manifesters manifest a fulfilling life & business by mastering their thoughts. Start by following the steps below: - Step 1 - Claim Your Free Alchemy Energy Reading - Step 2 - Receive Important Updates (Your Energy Reading & More) Click > #Save To Your Phone - Step 3 - Check Out Our Amazing Testimonials - Step 4 - Here's The Gavin Speaks Team @Jared Dunlop @Treva Gage - Step 5 - FREE Courses & Training - Step 6 - Our Live Workshop Calendar - Step 7 - Roadmap - Step 8 - Mission - Step 9 - Resources To kick things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know: 1. Your name 2. What you're currently focused on manifesting See you in the comments!
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@Tamara Melvin you will come to see all of your 100 clients in your reality and how you are going to be doing what you sayin is your day to come soon so soon. For as it is, so as it be so upon your words you spoken , through this you have given life to it @.. Peace ,Love & Light...
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@Maggie Alfaro awesomeness to you I’m artista de la vida de un writers as well, I gotta say I am committed to a similar relationship with a book it’s in the universe makings a great day to come to my realization and thence is my day to get and to be a author of.. I wish you the best on your book process for your writing to the side of the day you have the chance to see the new experiences in both of your writing and becoming an author of yourself,and getting it published by many people in a opposition that have a great way to make it a top notch seller get the best.. As so it is, as so It be.. peace, LOve, Light
#God Level Awarness This came to me when I watched this
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Meaning you are in sink in alignment with your energy wave 🌊.. That’s good news..
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