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What if we did a 3 day Empowerment challenge each week?
I'm trying to think of ways to keep our momentum going. I think we only need to do a mid-week empowerment challenge to keep us on track and get the battery recharged. We could dedicate say Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to a full focused challenge that will be both testing in mind and body. If you could let me know what your thoughts are and what we could include? We only get one crack at this life so lets start getting into it to get the most out of it!
New comment Oct '23
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@Darby Lohrding Hi Darby, Morning Meditation •Prioritize/Plan Out The Days, Need To's, Want To's, Have To's. Targeted for procrastinators/perfectionist, to help them focus & complete their "To Do" list. • Develop the habit to watch for thoughts that through out the day, run across our minds. Thoughts that are not for our highest good. Consciously stop them & flip them. - we also had to do some consistant exercise daily.
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@Darby Lohrding any three days in the week.😀
If I could solve one problem for you, what would it be?
Just working on understanding everyone's pain points so I can see if I can include it on the next 21 Day program. I've been really doing serious thought on how to teach the Law of Attraction better and all the other techniques. But it doesn't really matter unless I'm helping to resolve the biggest issues people have. Let me know in the comments below. Thanks
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Limiting Beliefs
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@Troy Colmer being more confident doing lives and writing etc
Book Suggestion
Hi Everyone, This is the book I just finished reading, before starting the Power of Now. Ikagai - is an inspiring book showing you how to find your purpose, nurture friendships and love what you do all whilst creating longevity and happiness in your life. If you read it, please let me know what you think.
New comment Aug '23
3 likes • Jul '23
I’ll add it to my list
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My book list is getting longer and longer.
Let's get a Health Challenge Going
Let me know what challenge you would like to do and let's all do it together. Maybe we could start on a five day challenge and do some prizes. Let me know what you think
New comment Jul '23
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Well I suppose I could go a 5 day challenge. I had to walk 100km in July and I am up to 122km so far.
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@Troy Colmer sounds good
2 for 1 today
The 2 books you see here I have had in my library for a long time 😂 Stephen Covey’s book is amazing if you are looking for straightforward, organised habit tips. It gives you proactive ways to do things and lots of practical tasks. Worth the time. John P Strelecky has written a book about the human side to business, doing work you love and leading by example. It is an engaging read and a great example of what we are aiming for with this course. To be fulfilled when we leave this life. How many of you have read these or heard of them?
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I haven't read either but will add them to my list.
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