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🤯 Celebrating 100 Conscious Creators! 🚀
GIVEAWAY WINNERS ANNOUNCED CONGRATULATIONS 🥳 1. @Alex Meyer 2. @Rachna Patel 3. @Allie Pratt In honor of crossing over 100 members in the Conscious Creator Club, I'm doing a giveaway! I'm giving away my High Vibe Vision Manifestation Planner to 3 winners! Take it from @Courtney Rogers who said... "As 2022 is coming to a close I’m wondering if you’ll be doing anything like you have in the past for year end/new year like the high vibe vision from 2022? It got me in such an amazing mindset for the new year!" It's the perfect gift for you all to set really potent intentions and manifestations for the New Year. ⚡️ Here's how to enter: 1. Be a member in this group 2. Comment one reason why you joined this group That's it! Winner will be chosen on Tuesday, 12/20
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Giulia Guerrieri
Karen Virdi
Alex Meyer
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I have joined and aspire to win as I wish to create a beautiful world for all of us where we all live abundantly, freely and inspire, motivate, uplift, support each other like you are doing @Giulia Guerrieri I urge to build my own like minded community where we bring peace, calm, and mindfulness in everyone's life through Aligning with universe😇😍🤩🥰😍🤩😇
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Yay.... Wt a beautiful start of the day.... Thank you so much and all who won🥳🥳🥳🥳
... and the giveaway winners are ... 🥁⚡️
Congratulations to our 3 GIVEAWAY WINNERS! 🥳 1. @Alex Meyer 2. @Rachna Patel 3. @Allie Pratt I used a Random Name Picker and played some high vibe music to pick the winners, check it out here! I'll send you a private DM to claim your High Vibe Vision Manifestation Planner! Stay tuned for our NEXT giveaway at 1,000 members 👀 Make sure to share the group with your friends and tell them to join because the 1,000 member giveaway is going to be one like you've never seen before 🤫
Ilayda ayşe Karabulut
Giulia Guerrieri
Janice Garcia
Melissa Sousa
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Wow this is so awesome.... It's like u universe chosen us😇😇😇... Thank you all esp @Giulia Guerrieri ⁣let's manifest m so much ready now❤️😇🤩🥰😍
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@Giulia Guerrieri I am willing to assist genuinely to my clients to get rid of all mind crap the way I did as well become fit and live life abundantly. I am looking myself to be working independently, financially free from anywhere around the world with my content😇😍 and teaching others the same❤️❤️❤️
⭐️ What's your name? My name is Sarah 🌎 Where are you from? I’m from the USA 🚀 Are you a current OR aspiring entrepreneur? I am an aspiring entrepreneur and soon to be an entrepreneur when my sister and I finish our course this month. Our course is all about owning horses for naturally minded beginner horse owners who want to know how to own horses simply, naturally and affordably. 😊 ✨ Why did you join this group (in one sentence)? For encouragement! 😊❤️ 📸 *Bonus: Add a photo of yourself :)
Giulia Guerrieri
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Rachna Patel
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Welcome sister great course topic😇
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I am here to inspire Millions with an awareness of fitness where they reach their highest potential through mind, body and soul :)
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