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Thoughts on AI Agents?
The topic of AI agents is taking centre stage. Here's a list of different AI agent frameworks with a short description of each: - LangChain: A framework for developing applications powered by language models, focusing on composability and integrations. - AutoGPT: An experimental open-source application showcasing the capabilities of GPT-4, designed to autonomously achieve tasks. - BabyAGI: A simple AI agent that uses OpenAI and Pinecone APIs to create, prioritize, and execute tasks based on a given objective. - AgentGPT: A web-based platform that allows users to create and deploy AI agents for various tasks using natural language instructions. - CAMEL (Communicative Agents for Mind Exploration of Large Scale Language Model Society): An agent framework that uses role-based chat to guide agents towards task completion while maintaining consistency with human intentions. - Cognitive Architectures: Frameworks that aim to create artificial general intelligence by modeling human cognitive processes. - Multi-Agent Systems: Frameworks that involve multiple interacting intelligent agents working together to solve complex problems. (Agent Swarm; CrewAI) - Hierarchical Agents: Structured systems where higher-level agents oversee lower-level agents, useful for coordinating multiple activities in complex environments. - GPT-Engineer: An AI agent designed to generate entire codebases from natural language descriptions. - Godmode: A framework that allows users to create AI agents with specific personalities and capabilities. - ChatDev: A framework for creating AI agents that can collaborate on software development tasks. - MetaGPT: A multi-agent framework that assigns different roles to AI agents for collaborative problem-solving. - OpenAI Assistants API: A framework for creating AI agents with specific capabilities and access to external tools. I am taking some time to learn CrewAI and Agent Swarm. @David Gabel is becoming a Crew AI expert faster than new AI tool releases ;)
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Thoughts on AI Agents?
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@Shawn McLoughlin Hey man, do you know the pricing of AIConsole, and if it runs on linux?
Introducing “The Skeleton Key”
Microsoft discovered a new AI jailbreak attack: Skeleton Key. This attack bypasses safety guardrails in models like GPT-4, Llama3, and Gemini Pro, making them respond to harmful requests. Key points: • It convinces AI to ignore safeguards. • It impacts multiple top AI models. • Robust security measures are essential.
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Introducing “The Skeleton Key”
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Sounds fun... You're not going to dive into how it works?
Use Seth's Brand Narrative Prompt🙌
Seth Godin is the master of brand narratives. Now you can apply his strategies for your brand using AI Copy & Paste this prompt to begin: (Fill in your product name) __________________ Prompt: " <Task> Create a brand story for a product you provide, using Seth Godin’s storytelling framework, divided into four parts - ‘setting the scene’, ‘introducing the challenge', ‘overcoming obstacles’, and ‘the transformation’. <Inputs> {Product_Name}</Inputs><Instructions> <step> Follow each step sequentially. Provide outputs only upon reaching the final step and upon request to create the table.</step> <step>Setting the Scene: Develop a narrative for ‘Setting the Scene’. Introduce the product's customer, brand, and the problem it addresses. The language should be clear and simple, drawing the reader in to discover how the product improves lives. Consider exploring platforms like G2 and TrustRadius for product research. Save this narrative in the variable $ scene for later use in this prompt.</step> <step>Introducing the Challenge: Clearly present the main challenge the customer faces, which the product resolves. This part is crucial as it sets up a tension that seeks resolution, holding the reader's interest as they anticipate the solution. It also emphasizes the product's problem-solving capabilities. Save this narrative in the variable $challenge for later use.</step> <step>Overcoming Obstacles: Detail how the product enables the hero to tackle and overcome challenges. This part not only demonstrates the product in use but also establishes credibility and connects emotionally with the audience by portraying relatable and inspirational journeys. Save this narrative in the variable $obstacles for later use.</step> <step>The Transformation: Conclude with the transformation achieved through the product. This section should reflect the significant changes brought about by the product, serving both as a proof of effectiveness and a testimony to its value. It should transform the narrative into a compelling product endorsement.
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Use Seth's Brand Narrative Prompt🙌
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He's done a good job, thanks for sharing ;)
Research Assistant
I wanted to share with you my research assistant. My goal is to run it every week and create input for a weekly newsletter around cybersecurity. I am still working on it, but the results are promising. **Context** The task involves gathering the latest news in the fields of cybersecurity, information security management, and privacy. This information is targeted at Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and professionals working in cybersecurity, with an emphasis on content that is actionable, increases awareness of new threats, and is relevant to the European market. **Language** The language should be formal and professional, as it is intended for CISOs and cybersecurity professionals. The summaries should be concise and informative, delivering key insights efficiently. **Expectation** The outcome should include three headlines that encapsulate the most recent, relevant, and actionable cybersecurity news, with a focus on the European market. Each headline should be accompanied by a brief summary, a call to action and a link to the source of information. **Actions** 1. Search for the latest news in cybersecurity, information security management, and privacy with relevance to the European market. 2. Select three pieces of news that are actionable, provide awareness of new threats, and are of interest to cybersecurity professionals. 3. For each selected news piece, create a headline that summarizes the key point in a compelling and informative manner. 4. Write a brief summary for each news piece, focusing on its relevance and implications for the target audience. 5. Add a call to action, explaining why this information is important and suggest next steps. 6. Provide the source link for each news piece, ensuring the sources are credible and professional. **Restrictions** - Avoid topics not directly related to cybersecurity, information security management, or privacy. - Ensure that the news is recent, ideally from the last few days or weeks, to maintain relevance and timeliness for the newsletter.
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This is great, I like your use of multiple power prompts within it so succinctly ;)
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Sounds interesting, I look forward to that also ;)
Open Interpreter is Hand Down My Favorite A.I Tool
If you don't know about Open Interpreter (which is okay most don't) you should look into it. I am big on Digital Sovernty which means I am a Open Source baby. What is Open Interpreter?: A new way to use computers Clarification: Open Interpreter lets LLMs run code on your computer to complete tasks and even more. Open Interpreter lets LLMs run code (Python, Javascript, Shell, and more) locally. You can chat with Open Interpreter through a ChatGPT-like interface in your terminal by running $ interpreter after installing. This provides a natural-language interface to your computer's general-purpose capabilities: - Create and edit photos, videos, PDFs, etc. - Control a Chrome browser to perform research - Plot, clean, and analyze large datasets - ...etc.
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Open Interpreter is Hand Down My Favorite A.I Tool
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Looks great, I'll have a play
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