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TCOM Islamischer Brüderkreis

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Gemeinsam für Jannah! Allahs liebe ist nah. Hier Lernen wir zusammen. Folgen unserem Propheten. Diskutieren respektvoll und bestehen unsere Tests! 🌟


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Do the work
The Entire $10,000/month Synthesizer Blueprint
Attached is the entire blueprint that is the fastest path to go from beginner to a full-time income online doing what you love. If you want to learn how to implement it so that you can make money online, join us in 90 mins at 8am Pacific TODAY where I'll be hosting a FREE CALL revealing the whole blueprint. Click here to add it to your calendar. Here's the Zoom link: We only have a a few hundred spaces in the Zoom call, so make sure you show up early. Kirby PS: Everyone who shows up will get FREE access to my "Monetization Protocol" course which is usually reserved for creators with 100,000+ subscribers. EDIT: RECORDINGS WILL BE UP SHORTLY
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The Entire $10,000/month Synthesizer Blueprint
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I will show up even if I lose money 💪
Duplicate My $0 → $10,000/month Monetization System
In 2 hours I will be revealing the system I use to go from $0 → $10,000/month. I've used this 6 times, and every time it has worked. This will be the first time I've ever shared this system, and I'll be sharing it for FREE. Add it to your calendar by clicking here. I'll be live on this link: See you there?
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Duplicate My $0 → $10,000/month Monetization System
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I can’t join, but I hope for a replay
⚠️ Monetization Call Today Rescheduled
Old time: 8am PT 1st July New time: 8am PT 2nd July Reason: Flu 😞 Add the new time to your calendar by clicking here. We'll discuss: - How to turn a tiny audience into a profit machine (Tiny Tribe, Big Bucks) - How to find an offer people will throw money at you for - How to monetize a free Skool community - Everything you need to actually make money online
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Gute Besserung 🤧
Want to spend 1-day with me in person? (THE SYNTHESIZER GAMES)
I've grown multiple businesses to $100,000/month. So imagine what would happen to your online business if we spent a full day together masterminding. Entering THE SYNTHESIZER GAMES. // For a long time I've watched people inside of Synthesizer School spend months, even years, focused on creating content and ignoring monetization. This is a mistake. So I'm pivoting Synthesizer School to focus on monetization. I'm not saying "don't make content". I'm saying "figure out monetization, then create content." This way your content will actually make you money, instead of just waiting for years hoping'you'll go viral, then praying you'll monetize well. // In the last couple weeks I revealed the fastest path for beginners to monetize. If you haven't seen the post already, check it out now before reading on. Previous to this cohort, I'd only told this to one person. And he went from Government Welfare to making $10k/month within 6 months, and $30k/month within 12 months. Here's proof. This works. And it works well. And it works fast. // Summarized, the model is this: Free Skool → high-ticket service/coaching. The fastest path to monetization is to start a free Skool community, then use it to upsell people into high-ticket 1 on 1 coaching or done-for-you service. Again, if you're not fully sold, read this post and watch the full video. // So to make this fun, I'm turning it into a competition. Prize 1: Whoever gets the most new group members gets to hang in-person with me for a full day in-person, to create a full personalized monetization roadmap for your business (worth $50,000). Prize 2: Everyone who gets 20 members gets free tickets to a virtual workshop where we'll go deep on group monetization. This will cover everything needed to make a full-time living online (worth $5,000).
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Want to spend 1-day with me in person? (THE SYNTHESIZER GAMES)
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Count me in 🫡
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