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New cool feature on Skool - Check out our classroom!
Skool just released a great new feature that makes creating and enjoying Premium content much easier for you as a community member and me as your host! It is now possible for me to create paid courses directly inside the community in the classroom. Before, I needed to create and sell a product on my website and a locked course inside the community. You, as my customer, sometimes had to wait for hours to get access because I needed to give access manually (and sometimes I just slept in a different time zone). Now you can have a look in our classroom and you will see where you already have access, and which materials or courses you can buy! Paid courses will unlock immediately after payment. Be aware that some of my products are in different Beta stages (just started or almost finished). Prices in this Beta stage are significantly lower, so getting access in the early stages is absolutely worth it! In our classroom there is a course called "Premium Content". I will explain more about my paid products and how they can help you improve with AI art creation and monetization of your skills. Let me know if you will have a look at our new classroom and what you think about it!
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New cool feature on Skool - Check out our classroom!
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I love the new look with the prices on the front. Plus, it's really clear how things are priced and when they will increase in price.
AI Business Mastermind
I was attracted to @Stella Sky 's courses and AI communityas I thought I understand AI art, how to sell etc. I was miffed that I can't go through the sections of the course without completing each section. So I buckled down and started going through each section. What @Stella Sky has done with the course is provide something so straight forward you are led, by each prompt how to achieve success. If you're wondering if the course is for you and you want a business in AI art, seriously, this course is extraordinary. I really can't rave about it enough
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AI images in Canva
Has anyone had any success with prompts to create AI images in Canva? I'm baffled by it. Thanks.
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Thank you
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@Jenna Hamilton oh, I'll keep persevering. Thank you.
More prompts with personalization!
I wrote a Medium article showcasing more examples of Midjourney's new personalization feature. You can read it here for free: Post your examples with personalization in the comments!
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More prompts with personalization!
2 likes • Jun 14
I took your suggestion for the Dall-e image and created this image with this, Envision a 3d rendering of mix hydrangeas, peonies and apple blossom, against a pale teal gradient background . I've not really used Dall-e so this is very basic!
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Good afternoon! This is what I got from the free MJ prompt @Stella Sky sent out earlier today. I then changed it up a little!! It made no difference, it was just hair and eye colour! But I got this beauty, delighted by the happy accident
Dreamy summer portraits with style ref images!
Some dreamy Midjourney summer vibes? Here we go: a beautiful woman with blond hair and green-blue eyes, wearing a silk dress, soft portrait light, summer vibes --stop 90 --chaos 20 --ar 3:4 --sref --sw 20 --stylize 1000 There are more prompts with different style ref images in the Newsletter Freebie in our classroom! Subscribe here to get access! Want to create such portraits with a simple addition? Get my Hidden Gems Box with 1000 style ref images! Do you already have the Hidden Gems Box? Post your example images of your creations with it below!
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Dreamy summer portraits with style ref images!
2 likes • Jun 11
@Donnie Maynard Christianson thank you. I'm really new to the world of AI art so learning so much!
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@Donnie Maynard Christianson wow, your image is breathtaking. Just love it.
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