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Introducing two new features for courses: 1. Drip — Now you can drip course content to your members over time. When adding/editing a module, turn drip on, and enter the number of days you want to module to drip after. 2. Course permissions — Now you can give some of your members access to course A, but not course B. When adding/editing a course, set permissions to "All members have access" (default), or "Only some members have access". To give specific members access, find the member from the member's list, click the "..." menu, click "Manage access", and select the course from there. These were two of the most requested features we've had, so I hope you guys like them! Check it out and let us know what you think. Enjoy!



Dennis Kroon
Dan Harrison
Marta Dvorakova
Erik Jongbloed
Lisa-Maree Walker
New comment 6d ago
  • 3 likes • May 11

    This is a very good one, Sam. I was waiting for the "Course permissions" for a while.

1. I create a post. 2. I delete the post. 3. People that follow me still keep the notification for my post – even though it's deleted after posting. Is there a way to fix this?



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Onur Degirmenci
New comment 10d ago
  • 1 like • 10d

    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe Thanks for the explanation Sid! Not sure if it’s possible, but it would be cool if the notification could be deleted as well.

Now you can add a shared calendar to your Skool so your members can see what's happening, when, in their local timezone. Members can add events to their personal calendars with a click. If your community does live Q&A calls or live events, this feature is perfect for you! Watch the video to see how it works. Enjoy!



Shrikant Patel
Konrad Schure
Alex Samaras
Cody McDowell
Gavin Ingham
New comment Feb 1
  • 1 like • Sep '21

    This is pretty amazing, because it reminds you about the Q&A calls at the top of the timeline. Great work team!

Was watching the Uplevel course, then I saw a red notification pop up, clicked it and forgot I was watching the course, lol. Idea: Classroom Mode/Study Mode Function: No notifications Similiar to Do not Disturb on iPhone. Maybe over time, you could customize the specific notifications you see/don't see



Onur Degirmenci
Nick Guadagnoli
New comment Dec '21
  • 0 likes • Dec '21

    Incredible idea! Similar to the "theater mode" on YouTube.

Thought it might be valuable feedback to explain how I'm using Skool, because I think it's quite different to how most use it. I create content online. Primarily YouTube videos and tweets. After going through Uplevel, I fell in love with courses. Pretty much everything in every course can be found online. But there's insane value in: structuring the ideas + community. So I'm using Skool to add structure to my free content, and provide a place for a community. Sharing this because I've heard that fringe use cases are often valuable in finding product-market fit.



Griffin A. Hamilton
Onur Degirmenci
Zahida A Khan
Andrew Kirby
New comment Dec '21
  • 3 likes • Dec '21

    That’s exactly how I plan to use Skool in the future. As of now, I’m very busy helping my clients w/ DFY ads, but would love to build a free Skool community to help others who cannot afford an agency etc with marketing and sales training.

Hey team! Group admins have told us they'd like to see more "engagement" and "life" in their groups. Previously, we sorted the feed by the newest post. The problem was, more people comment than post, so most of the "engagement" was happening at the comment level, and nobody could see it from the feed. This made the group feel kind of "dead". Now we sort by "recent activity" as the new default. If somebody comments on a post, it brings that post back to the top of the feed. We added some blue text to indicate when the latest comment was, and if you read it, the text changes to gray. This way, the group feels much more "alive" and "engaged". Oh yeah, and if an admin awards a "Gem" to a post/comment, that will bring that post back to the top of the feed — this makes gems more useful. Try out the new sort method in the groups you're in, and let us know what you think?



Jamie Stenhouse
Simon Paquin
Sam Ovens
Katharina Mertens
Alexandre Mouland
New comment Dec '21

Hey team! I thought I'd share why we haven't been as active posting and commenting on Skool recently — We're focusing on building "Skool 3.0". So instead of incremental improvements in short cycles (like we've been doing so far), we're making some big improvements over a longer cycle. You're going to love it! As soon as Skool 3.0 is live, I'll announce it here in the Skool Beta group. Till then, we may not be as engaged with discussions, or announcing new features. I wanted to let you know why. Bug fixes will continue to be a #1 priority, so if you find anything please report it to us and we'll fix it ASAP. Happy New Year!



Saidur Rahman
Chester Zoda
Ralph Lasry
Onur Degirmenci
Sam Ovens
New comment Apr '21
  • 1 like • Apr '21

    @Sam Ovens Sam, any idea when the app version will be ready? New UI is an improvement!

I am highly tempted to migrate my entire community to Skool, and use this as a platform to host my courses & community as I love the existing functionality, and can see it only getting better. My question is - Where do you see Skool going in the long term? What is the vision? (if you are comfortable sharing). I ask because, it is a fairly big commitment to migrate my community over, and I would hate to transition off skool if it's mostly just a trial that doesn't work out. Would love if you guys can give some clarity here :)



Sam Ovens
Shanaka Jayakody
Onur Degirmenci
New comment Aug '21
  • 1 like • Aug '21

    @Sam Ovens Sam, I know you're fully committed at the moment building Skool and it's going great - I love it. But I'm also curious, what are the future plans for Consulting.com? Thank you

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