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AI driven valuable?
Personally I think it is valuable, not only in learning new skills, but in refining existing ones. I've been using AI for past 5 months during my redundancy period, I've learnt quite a lot from it. However, is there a risk that a current or future employer may see AI as basically cheating - why would they pay me $x where they could get a junior to do the same job? I think it depends on the business mindset, and I know that in the UK there is not a great amount of trust from senior management. Even after Covid I am seeing more and more companies wanting hybrid models, and to get people back in the offices. I see that as a trust issue, like they basically want you to be heads down for 7.5 hours a day, and they can't control that if you are not in an office. Maybe though, these are not the forward thinking companies that we want to be working for? I just thought it was an interesting point and warrants a discussion.
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I share the same opinion pretty much, my main issue at the moment is I have mortgage and bills to pay, so while I want to be choosy - I may not have that luxury.
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Well i generally do have good decision making skills, and to my knowledge I've only made 1 real mistake in accepting a role once, and if anything that did make me more careful - my point is that the longer I go without work, the smaller my options become. My Dad once swept a warehouse on Christmas night because he needed to work for bills. Saying all that, I need to have more confidence that something good will turn up and get me back to coding and earning money.
Technical Assessment
Obviously disappointed in my results, there was a few I wasn't sure on so no point guessing as that's not going to give me a true reflection of where I am. Also I honestly believe that it wouldn't take much studying for me to improve my score.
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Technical Assessment
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I assume I can retake the test whenever?
👋 Hi, my name is Nick. I am a Senior Front-end Developer based in North Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿. I work mostly with JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and CSS (Tailwind), but since I was made redundant in January I have been trying to embrace a more full stack approach and have built a couple of applications end to end. I am here to gain more confidence in my own abilities as I absolutely suck at technical interviews, which in the past 5 months has been a lot. I am a very open person and always willing to learn at every opportunity.
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Confidence. I mean I can code, I can design good UI and given time I can solve the problems. What I struggle with is retaining information/knowledge - and as most of my previous jobs were solving the same issues, I've probably got in a rut. Positive thing is that I know where my gaps are, and have documented them to practice and retain. I also do some code katas to practice any tech test that I get.
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Yeah I have another tech test to do this week using HackerRank
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Senior frontend developer with main focus on JS, React and TS. I've also spent a lot of time mastering CSS.

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