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Maybe hitting a wall?
Have not posted in a while. Worked up to: (Using the Flagship Program) ( 4 x per week) - 2 hand swings with 40 kg (going to 48kg) - TGU 40 kg, (couldn't get all of the 10 TGUs with 40kg). Hit a wall, felt weak. Started to do 1 hand swings: (3 to 4 x per week) - 1 hand swings with 24 kg (going to 28kg) - TGU 32 kg Last week I took a deload week because I have had a lot of stress in my life. (3 x on the week) - 2 hand swings with 28 kg - TGU with 28 kg This next week I will begin working my way up to heavier 1 hand swings. (4 x per week) - 1 hand swings 24 kg (Heavier KB of 28 kg) - TGU 32 kg (Heavier KB of 40 kg) Ive been rejected from the 40 kg TGUs maybe I can just work myself up with these "lower" bells with the 1 hand swings, after all it is less weight on my frame even if it is harder with only one hand. Any suggestions of how to proceed? @Grant Anderson
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But I started with a 24kg bell and got up to a 70lbs with this method so it might help you!
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@Joe Zaga anytime!
December challenges
Full disclosure! With a newborn baby, sleeping between 5-7 hours of broken up sleep per night has been making it tough to do Get ups 4 times per week. My knees are aching since it’s cold and due to sleep deprivation. Swings aren’t bad at all, and the full body lifts aren’t bad either. But putting gains with heavier bells and get ups multiple days per week on hold currently. It’s still all worth it! We love our son so much!
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@Tom McNatt you’re right! Thank you!
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@Jason Powell absolutely, I appreciate that
KB’s for sale?
Thought I’d ask! Does anyone have any 32k bells in good shape that you’d be willing to sell for cheaper price? I’m on a budget so just wanted to ask and throw it out there! If not, no worries!
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@Ian Liskay thank you!
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@Ian Liskay ok you got it
My new β€œhome gym”
Just got this Rogue 53 Lbs Kettlebell in the mail! I call this bell my home gym πŸ˜‚ you can do anything with this beast! Perfect timing since my wife and I are on a budget and just had our first baby 2 weeks ago! Can’t wait to get some more Kettlebells! Love that I can be at home and do the Flagship program at home and still be with my wife and son. Really thankful πŸ™πŸ»
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My new β€œhome gym”
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@Joe Zaga sounds great! I appreciate that bro!! Same to you πŸ€™πŸ»
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@Ian Liskay thank you a ton bro!!
Get Up Gains
I was using a 50 Lbs KB for get ups 4 weeks ago, and today I did 2/2 with a 62 Lbs KB (out of my 5 get ups for the day) with ease! Did 3 singles with a 70 the other day too. Feeling incredible from this program πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻 25 minute workouts are easy on my schedule too πŸ”₯ too good not to do this!!
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@Mike Hughes thanks man!
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@Jake Olson thanks man! Yeah good stuff keep it up you’ll get the 40kg keep at it!!
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