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Hi I’m Oli 👋 I run several paid Communities on Skool that make around $800k /month collectively. Today, I’m sharing with you how to fill, sell, operate and retain a successful Mastermind Group. In this post I’ll be covering: - How to fill a Mastermind Community - Captaining your group and managing Mastermind Operations - Protecting your recurring revenue with a Retention Playbook To illustrate I’ll be spotlighting one of my Communities called NextLevel Scale™. Quick context about this particular Mastermind and Me… I started this Community about 5 years ago back in 2018. Primarily to help other info Business Owners who are scaling to 7 and and 8 figures with their own Masterminds, Group Coaching Programs, Memberships and Online Courses. The investment has risen each year, but currently stands at $48k for 12-months Membership. Right now we have 50 active members which contributes to around $2.4 million in annual recurring revenue. My role is to lead and facilitate the group with a Team that comprises of one full time Coach and a part time assistant. But I didn’t start here. My journey goes back over the past 20 years of being in the info business. Since then I’ve ran virtually every kind of model you can imagine: Full Format Franchising, Online Memberships, Area Exclusive Licensing, Online Courses + Digital Products, In-person training centre, Group Coaching Programs, a National Association, Home study courses, Marketing Agency, Publishing Partners, Live Events, Equity based Consulting, Retreats, Private Consulting, Certification programs, Printed Monthly Newsletter Subscriptions… …and obviously Masterminds Groups. The high ticket Mastermind Community model is hard to beat. It’s almost like “alchemy“, and the timing to grow your own Community like mine is especially fortuitous right now. My goal here is to summarize the lessons I've learned, share what has worked, and what to avoid. Fair warning: this post will likely be long, so be sure to bookmark it now in your browser to refer back to later.



Breynan Hammons
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Skool has blown my mind. I have had Facebook Groups for my programs since 2017 and they don't even compare. And I only started with Skool about 75 days ago (February 27th 2023). My group already has (3) Level 8 people and it's become the #1 group in my niche absolutely. I almost didn't join Skool. The reason? "I already have everything setup and don't feel like changing it." What changed my mind? The SIMPLICITY and RESULTS I kept seeing from Skool success stories. So... I tried it out and an extra $50,000 a month in results and making my life more simple has been the result. Pretty solid I think. Glad I went for it rather than listen to my ego. @Nick Hauser asked me to share the things that have been successful in creating such a Skool group (here is the link to my Skool if you want to look to see how I'm doing it: ➡️ How I'm Using Skool: I have a free "Manifestation / Personal Development" Skool group (1,600 people in it right now) and convert the members into my paid "Manifestation Mentoring Program" Skool group. My Strategy: Have everyone become engaging friends sharing what they learn from our content. And if they want more, enroll into our programs. I have been trying to keep it super simple. Here are a few elements of the Strategy: (a) The type of posts I do that have been SUPER successful are NOT me posting value. But rather posts where members engage with each other. Examples: "What are your unique talents / skills?" "What time zone are you in? Accountability buddy?" These have been super engaging because members learn about each other. I text / email my list about these posts, so they get more than 1 notification of the post. That has been helpful in creating a lot of engagement. (b) And I partner these with action-based content. Examples of those: "3 Day Money Challenge! Are you in?" "Watch this video of 'The Law of Attraction Explained' every day for 30 days straight"



Jesse Clark
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    if Scott's story inspires you to create your own community, show him some ❤️ and create your community here, on Skool!

I launched my free Skool community 2 weeks ago. I've already brought in over 100 members. Launched HT offer 1 week ago. Using the framework below + a team, I got calls booked & sales closed faster than ever before. Freebie > Free Skool Community > Skool DMs > Call > Close I used to use FB for the same niche, got over 1,000 members in there & none converted like they have with Skool. The members have also given GREAT feedback about the classroom, community dashboard & the APP! we 💜 Skool



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Ananda Murari
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Here's the video if interested



Nick Guadagnoli
Ted Carr
Zahida A Khan
Chase Allerton
Kathleen Pecoraro
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IM PUTTING THIS OUT AS AN ACCOUNTABILITY POST! MARK MY WORDS ON THIS.. We will make $500K/mo in the next 3-6 months or less with Skool ONLY.. At the moment we're doing $600K-$700K/mo with AppointmentSetterCom using IG/FB only but it's a total mess.. Everything is scattered among different platforms with our marketing strategies. Me and my lady who is also my business partner in this company are going to do 2 cool things over the next 7-14 days. We're going to build two low ticket courses, one for our B2C and one for our B2B. Here are my goals that I KNOW we will achieve in the next 3-6 months or less. 1. Make $500K/mo with our low ticket offer strategy for our B2C & B2B ON SKOOL ONLY.. 2. Make $10K/mo as a Skool Affiliate as we move fully onto the platform for marketing now too I'm already invested multi 6 figures into Skool and my next step is to also now truly use it as marketing platform for our companies because it fits so perfectly into what we're already doing. In the past we've already achieved these figures but then we used a Facebook Group where our DMs would go to spam, the course was on another platform and it was all scattered.. Now on Skool you'd land in primary, your emails land in primary, you can DM people WHILE they watch the course.. So we're now going to be building our LTOs and launch in the next 1-2 weeks. I'm grateful to be a part of this community and I'll be breaking down A to Z how we'll have achieved this goal once we've hit it in this community and using Skool ONLY. For now, this is just a post to hold myself accountable and use it as a future case study too for people who are on the fence of using Skool. Let's GO!



David Sekera
Bas Slot
Courtne Marland
Charlie Morgan
Kos Timos
New comment 6d ago

It’s true! See attached our cash collected in Stripe in the last 90 days! When Skool was first released I thought ‘here goes another shiny object’. Boy was I wrong. In the first month of transitioning to Skool, our cash collected doubled. No joke. We went from $250,000/mo to $500,000. All with one decision to move over to this beautiful place. I was super reluctant to make the shift in the beginning. We were integrated with what I'm gonna call “the devils’ trifecta” - a FB group, a scattered calendar, and kajabi. The thing is, “the devils’ trifecta” did work for us. It worked. But it created a negative client experience. Truth is we got lazy with it. We were using a platform and model that we knew was sub-par for clients just because it was gonna be painful to move to skool and it was ‘how we’d always done it’. Within 30 days of shifting to Skool, we took our cash collected to $500k/mo - a new height for us. And the cool part? It hasn’t dipped below that. We’ve kept this consistent, and May is due to be our best month yet (projecting $600k). By the end of the year we’ll be at 8 figures. Bold claim, but thanks to Skool we can make better product decisions and create more value as a company - allowing us to charge more, keep clients retained + garner more love from the market. How did Skool improve our product, cash collected & company? 1. Better offer Skool has given us the confidence in our product to have an insane offer. Before we guaranteed a ROI or your money back. Now, we guarantee 20 high ticket coaching, consulting or agency clients, or a full refund + a $5,000 wire! Madness. It’s much easier to get clients. Better product = better offer = easier acquisition. Simple. 2. More coaching calls Our previous product had the standard 2x coaching calls per week. These were run by my business partner and I, and they’d fill up, run over & questions wouldn’t be answered properly due to the sheer volume. Now, Skool allows us to host more calls. Due to the easy calendar feature, we run 15 decentralised coaching calls per week (run by community members), all on specific topics instead of general Q&A.



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    @Charlie Morgan dude! this is awesome 💪

Just in time for the Aussie winter! Thanks guys!



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I know this may not sound like a lot to some of you BUT for me THIS IS HUGE!!! I can't believe we built a community/audience around fitness/wellness that crossed over 100 members. It's just been such a passion of mine (I was overweight, drinking heavily daily and going down a path of self destruction most of my life before the pandemic). I'm just blown away and I can't wait for the next milestone. A big thanks to the Skool team. When I was getting started, Sid and the rest of the gang were always there to support. That's actually why I chose Skool as my platform over a year ago and they weren't what they are now as far as features. It didn't matter since at the core, the Skool team supported me, helped me, answered my off the cuff random questions, checked in with me .... just really gave a shit about elevating Community creators. Also, the Skool community as a whole is vibrant and eager to help. This place is the BEST to kick up an association/community. THANK YOU! Below is a bit about my journey, why I'm here and my mission. While we are at a 101 Superhumans today, I do want to take the opportunity to express that I'm on a mission to empower 10,000 Superhumans to create a workout, wellness and health routine that they can do EVERY day so I want to tell you about my FREE fitness and wellness community called Superhuman I built on Skool. I started working out virtually 3 years ago to a small group during the pandemic. It was always a side hustle that become the cornerstone of my entire existence. I believe that we are what we eat and how we move our body. Now, 3 years and over 65 pounds lost later, I'm 37 and in the best shape of my life. I've seen countless people transform themselves just by SHOWING UP EVERY DAY. So, I want to take this moment to empower you to do the same. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN YOUR JOURNEY TO YOUR BEST PHYSICAL AND MENTAL SELF - JUST START AND NEVER LOOK BACK. Website is or



Danielle Lavallee Wasson
Troy Lavinia
Nick Hauser
Paul Masters
Fabrizio Portone
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Hello all! I made this video as a walkthrough for our high-ticket program on how we've optimized Skool for our low-ticket community. We've had 10,000+ high-ticket and low-ticket customers so we've learned quite a bit of lessons on what to do and what not to do. You may be missing some context in the video because this is part of a 30-video series on how to optimize client fulfillment processes for service-based and high-ticket businesses, but I think those of you that are looking to create a community may find it helpful. I also share some insights I learned from a one-on-one call I did the CRO of I wanted to share it here for free, hope you enjoy! Scaling School Sales Page Skool Affiliate Link



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    @Ravi Abuvala awesome share. great video!

From my post yesterday, here is a video explaining my strategy on how I started profiting $50,000+ extra per month from my new Skool group in 75 days. Hope this helps! Again feel free to actually join my group so you can scroll the particular posts I'm talking about in the video: That way you can see the engagement in real time that I'm talking about. @Nick Hauser



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    @Scott Haug great video! super clear. If you haven't see Scott's post from yesterday, feel free to check it out here:'s-post

I want to take a moment to express my immense appreciation for this platform and the visionary behind it - Sam Ovens. Having navigated communities across multiple platforms and reaching millions through my YouTube channel, I've interacted with free groups on Facebook and Telegram, engaged with paid groups on Discord and Slack, and pretty much explored every conceivable platform there is. On top of that, I've had the privilege of coaching thousands of individuals. However, this platform, conceptualized and brought to life by Sam, has truly revolutionized the way we learn and interact. Not only has it been a massive timesaver for me, but it has also transformed the learning experience for all the members involved. A significant critique I once held was the lack of a dedicated app. However, with the recent launch of the app, I am simply overjoyed and look forward to the Android version that's due to come out in the next 30 days. So, here's a heartfelt thank you, Sam Ovens, for everything you've accomplished with this platform. Your contributions are empowering millions to access high-quality online education and create a real impact. I can confidently say that this platform has had a revolutionary effect on my life and the lives of countless others. So, let's keep pushing forward, growing, and achieving more together. And just a little teaser for you all – I have convinced an influential figure joining our platform soon. And trust me, when I say he's big, he's BIG – even bigger than me. So, get ready for some exciting times ahead! 🚀🌟



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Nick Guadagnoli
Danny Mallinder
Alexander Lorenzo
Nick Hauser
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    @Alexander Lorenzo solid post. thanks for sharing!

Hi, we just started a group here on Skool and we're about to move over our 18.000+ members from Facebook soon. Is there any way to accept or deny posts in the community before they get posted? We want to control the posts before they go live as we need to decline some posts to keep the community clean and on point. Does this feature exist? I can't find it. :)



Robert Charles
Caroline Winkvist
Nick Hauser
New comment 23d ago
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    @Caroline Winkvist hey! The exact controls you mentioned aren't here. Members can report posts for the group creator/admins/moderators to make decisions on. However, when you create "Categories" in your community, you can specify the permissions for posting (only admins can post, anyone can view/engage OR anyone can post, anyone can view/engage). In theory, you can start with just 1-2 community categories (1 that only admins can post, and 1 where anyone can post). This will allow you to keep 1 centralized category for members to post to, and the team can begin reviewing how the members are engaging. If they are engaging in a way that meets your standards, then you can consider adding more Categories. If the member's posts don't meet your standards, you can adjust the strategy for how members are onboarded. *Tips: The type of people you add into your group is a direct byproduct of how closely their posts/comments/replies will meet your standards. If you have a large number of members, consider bringing over some initial cohorts that are filled with people you know will help set a great culture for your skool group. Also, adding 'membership questions' to your group, can allow you/team to review people who request to join, before accepting them. When members are accepted I'd recommend having a 'pinned welcome post' for them to read. This is where you can share engagement expectations for new members, and encourage them to comment below to show that they fully understand. You can also setup an 'auto-dm' to go out to new members. This 'auto-dm' can include a welcome message linking to your 'pinned welcome post', and encouraging the new member to comment on the welcome post once they've read/understood. Overtime, through adding the right people, developing the culture, and moderating where you see fit, your members will start reporting people's posts that don't vibe with the group's culture you've created. This is the north star!

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    @Robert Charles @Caroline Winkvist This moderating of this is simple in nature. When posts are made that you deem to be spam + trying to rack up points, the best action is to have you/team delete the post, and send a 1-1 skool chat message. The message can tell the person to not do this moving forward. Oftentimes, the member isn't directly trying to spam, but rather just wants to get points. As shared in my comment below, this is where having an auto-dm, and/or welcome post can help onboard new members and share expectations for how to engage in the group.

We've got a SICK Black Friday deal for you... - Skool 1-year subscription (usually $1,200) - Wetube self-study course (usually $9,800) - Total: $11,000 This Black Friday - get both for $999. That's $10,000 in real savings. A true 91% discount. Interested? Join the waitlist here to be notified the moment it goes live. 🔥🔥🔥



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    @Roger Garcia is there any kind of notification from your bank that has been sent via email? If not, is there any kind of notification within your online banking that you can click to lift the block on your account/card? If not, is there another card you can try to use?

Super excited to share that within 5 days of starting our community on Skool, we have got 1025 members. The upload CSV to invite feature is super cool. We sent invitations to all our paying customers. We also sent the invite link to our email list of 250k subscribers. The engagement is great and I am able to find leads for the high-ticket mastermind from within the group based on participation and engagement. Next goal: 10k! Also, got one person who signed up to make his own Skool community through my affiliate link. Just 2 more and I will be getting paid to run my community on Skool!!!



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Good communities highlight their members. It's all about the members. That's YOU! We want YOU to share how you're using Skool so others can get ideas and learn. We'll give spot prizes (like Skool merch) to members who share something cool. If you share something people find useful — we'll promote you to our 800k email list, 134k YouTube subs, and put you on our website that gets millions of monthly visits. We created a new category called "How I'm using Skool". Check it out! If you want to share how you're using Skool, create a post in that category with a good title, a short description, and a quick (less than 5m) Loom video sharing your setup/use-case. Help us help you!



Robert Clay
Nick Hauser
Carl Munson
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Joel Vazquez
New comment Mar 30

Hey all! I am still over on Facebook Groups, but am eyeing making a Free and Paid group. But I'm on in the Skool and Consulting Accelerator Group. Some of you cool cats have your own Public groups, would you mind sharing links for some of to go and see? Much appreciated!



Nick Hauser
Sterling Cooley
New comment Mar 20
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Hello! I hope you are all ding great. Is there a way I can change a group's name? I made a small mistake.



Nick Hauser
Amadeus Awad
New comment Mar 17
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    @Amadeus Awad yes! Group Settings > General > Group name.

I have a daily virtual workout schedule in my community. Every month I have to rebuild it from scratch. Is there a plan to enable a feature to be able to clone classes and then edit it vs having to build it from scratch each time? Any hacks would be helpful. Thanks!



Sangeeta Naik
Griffin A. Hamilton
Nick Hauser
Paul Masters
New comment Mar 16
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    @Paul Masters Does this work? Currently, you can leverage the duplicate module feature like this: - Create a course in your classroom, and title it whatever you'd like, eg. "Daily workout." - Create 1 module. Title it something that will allow for monthly flexibility, eg. "Day 1." - Create a reusable module description, eg. "Welcome to today's workout. Get after it." - Duplicate the module 30x to ensure you'll have the max 31d in a month covered. - Edit each module's title, eg. Edit Day 1, and enter"Day 2"..."Day 3", etc. - For each duplicate, leave the reusable module description you created. - Add your video link, resources, and action items that are exclusive to that day. Next month, you'll only need to do this: - Decide if you need to unpublish a module, eg. if it's June, unpublish "Day 31." - Edit the video links, resources, and action items (if they need to change). You can also leverage your calendar like this: - Create an event that happens daily. - Copy/paste your course's url in the event description. - Also, include a note telling members to choose the module that matches the date, eg. 04/12, select the module titled "Day 12."

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    @Paul Masters I'd recommend encouraging your members with new kind of "Mark as Done." It'd be a lot of admin work to build a new course every month. Continuing from my example above.... Instead of "Mark as Done" you can have a community category called "Workout completed." Every time a member completes that day's workout, they can either post or comment beneath it with something that the entire group will become familiar with. Eg. "Just crushed it 💪" This means that the engagement health of your Community, is directly tied to how healthy your members are getting, which is pretty cool! More engagement equals more workouts being completed. Yes, the member will not be able to track directly their course completion percentage, but when they post/comment in the Community each day, it will show up on their profile's daily activity. The decision to make here will be based on what you believe will help the members health/fitness the most. Is it the ability to view the completion percentage of this month's workouts, or having a Community where everyday you log in and see people sharing that they are completing workouts, commenting on each other's achievements, and holding each other accountable.

Is there a way to make events on the calendar private only to certain members?



Nick Hauser
Warren Gibbons
New comment Mar 15
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    The calendar events will display to all of your members, but there is a cool workaround to keep specific call links private. Check out @Trent Grzegorczyk's calendar event workaround

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    @Warren Gibbons you got it!

Any chance we will be able to allow people to subscribe to our calendars so it autoupdates on their own calendar? My client stats show it really increases show-up rates. Currently using addevent to do this, but would love to have the ability to do it through the Skool calendar since the other Skool calendar reminder features are awesome.



Nick Hauser
Shana Lynn
Lucie Woods
New comment Mar 12
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    is the use-case you're describing to auto-update their own personal calendar with new* calendar events created in your group? Eg. "click subscribe, and all new calendar events from Shana's skool will show up in your google calendar." For events you've already created, a member can go to your group's calendar, select the event, add it to their own calendar, and then inside their calendar tool, they can set the event to repeat every week. If your call link is inside of the calendar event description, it should carry over to the "recurring" events your member sets up. This allows them to get event reminders from their own tool, plus the 24hr reminder you set to send via email from your group.

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    @Shana Lynn ✏️noted!

In this video i connected Thrivecart as my payment processor via Zapier and a webhook to my Skool group to automate member invitation after product purchase...I hope this is helpful...Dennis



Sam Ovens
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Tony Tovar
Nick Hauser
Wellington Ferraz
New comment Mar 5

I'm looking to build an online community for mountain bike riders. I'd like to upload some content as course material, host weekly coaching calls, have members upload their videos to ask for feedback from others and have channels organised by topics so it's not chaotic and people can easily find what they're looking for. I'm currently thinking in between Discord and Skool. Could you guys help me understand where Skool excels compared to a Discord channel?



Nick Hauser
Malorie Tadimi
Nathan Field
Oliver El-Gorr
Varun Teja
New comment Feb 17
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    check this out!

First of all, nice to meet you all! can't wait to learn and build my community Intrasection soon As I'm new, is there any full resource on how to use Skool from A to Z? Much appreciated all the help Cheeers!



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Yonathan Christy
Nick Hauser
Aljaž Plankl
New comment Feb 1
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    @Yonathan Christy welcome to skool community!

Hey team! I thought I'd share why we haven't been as active posting and commenting on Skool recently — We're focusing on building "Skool 3.0". So instead of incremental improvements in short cycles (like we've been doing so far), we're making some big improvements over a longer cycle. You're going to love it! As soon as Skool 3.0 is live, I'll announce it here in the Skool Beta group. Till then, we may not be as engaged with discussions, or announcing new features. I wanted to let you know why. Bug fixes will continue to be a #1 priority, so if you find anything please report it to us and we'll fix it ASAP. Happy New Year!



Saidur Rahman
Chester Zoda
Ralph Lasry
Onur Degirmenci
Sam Ovens
New comment Apr '21
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    @Peter Whelehan Unfortunately, I can't provide an exact timeline just yet. I know Sam and the entire skool team have been feverishly working on getting everything shipped as soon as possible while ensuring maximal quality to reduce ongoing issues upon launching version 3.0. An announcement will definitely be made once everything is ready to go!

Sometimes you need to express a feeling, but words alone can’t quite do it. Now you can add GIFs to Posts, Comments, Replies, and Chats! Just click the GIF button, type your keyword, find the perfect GIF, and it will attach to the post or comment you are writing. Comment below with a GIF! Thanks team! 🙌



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