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Here's what the journey ahead looks like: Step 1: Make your first piece of content Step 2: Get in the habit of creating Step 3: Make your first dollar Step 4: Get 10,000 followers Step 5: Make $10,000/month Step 6: Financial freedom A note about habits: Reaching all six steps is possible, but it's a long road ahead. If you're only creating content for views, followers, or money, then you probably won't make it. In the beginning, you won't get those things. So you'll quit. The solution is to fall in love with creating. To create out of intrinsic motivation. Because you enjoy it. And just the process of creating helps you. A note about money: Money is important. But I don't think it's our end goal here. Content is growing exponentially. Our attention is limited. The role of the synthesizer becomes more important every single day. Our end goal is to commit to solving the 'disjointed knowledge problem' full-time. Now that's a meaningful goal. A note about $10,000/month: It is possible to earn much more than this through synthesizing, but this is roughly the point where your happiness stops increasing as you earn more. A note about Financial Freedom: The goal isn't to sit on a beach and drink cocktails. The goal is to use this freedom to make art. To create something beautiful for the other people on earth. At this point significant impact can be made. A note about "Celebrations": This community has exceeded my expectations in terms of energy and aliveness. I didn't quite realise how strongly being synthesizers would resonate with you guys. Thank you, sincerely, for your response. I've added a "celebrations" post category. I think this will add to the energy of the group. Whenever you hit part of the roadmap, make a post! We will keep track of how many people are at each level. Also feel free to post other celebrations not on the roadmap. Final notes: This roadmap is definitely not final. If you see any problems with it, comment below. If you can think of anything you think should be added, comment below.



Connor Widmaier
D'rion Sutherland
Deepak M
Ted Carr
Andrew Kirby
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    Is there another level to this? Like going to 100k followers, 100k per month, etc @Andrew Kirby

Roam research as per Andrew's videos is interesting but the UI is very unattractive Workflowy is amazing, low friction and simple, but not as feature heavy as roam Any programs a middle ground? Rem note seems promising? ps. Notion not a fan, it's like jack of all trades, master of none



Sam Malloy
Natu Myers
Andrew Kirby
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    Thanks all. Very valuable skool.

What do you think is the right balance?


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Andrew Kirby
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Pascal Polleunus
Jeff Harrison
Benedek Santa
New comment Jul 13
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    depends on the niche

  • 1 like • Jul 8

    @Andrew Kirby if a niche needs alot of education to know what the offer even is then maybe more content initially - other than that, who am I to argue with brunson

You should create content online. You should find the overlap between creating for you and creating for others. That means you need to find a platform that you enjoy creating content on, and that will reward you with an audience. Up until now, there's not really been a place for people who love writing to create your content. There's no 'YouTube but for longer-form written content". Medium tried to be it, but I'm not sure if enough people use Medium for it to be worth it. But it looks like Twitter will soon allow you to write longer-form content on it. https://twitter.com/TwitterWrite/status/1539640956915290112 If you love writing, this could be your new home to build your audience.



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    Maybe consider an offer on how to grow twitter...no body teaches that

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