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Rogue competition kettlebells
Has anyone ever used or had experience? Going to order a 32kg here and I’m not a big human. Worried if I don’t move over to competition style bells the bigger size bells will be too big to get a really solid grip. Appreciate everyone’s input re experience !
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I use competition bells and are pretty happy. How heavy do they make competition bells? Is 32 the highest weight?
Friday ✅ List
I know a lot of you in here have serious goals. So here’s a simple check in to see how your week has been so far… Where are we at on these action items 👇 ✅ 4 training sessions ✅ 10,000 steps daily ✅ 7+ hours of sleep every night (bonus for 8+) ✅ 1/2 Bodyweight in Oz of Water daily ✅ Daily awareness of food - for most this would be sticking to the list in the classroom section daily. If you didn’t stick to the list give yourself an honest go at ONE week - see what happens. ✅ One expression of gratitude daily Every single one of you has the power to create any reality you want. If you aren’t seeing changes… this is a good list to start with.
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I’m smashing it on the ✅ sleep and ✅ 4x training front. Getting really close to 10,000 a day due to changing things up and getting out early for a morning walk. Have been + 7500 a day for the last week so working it up. (Which is up from my usual average of 3500). Was doing great with water and nutrition, but dropped of so getting that back up this week too. 👍
Does anyone do any type of regular mobility work prior/after workouts or on off days?
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@Nathan Green yeah me to. I’m not the best at post workout. I do the usual warm up and hip openers prior to workout. But am trying a seperate mobility stuff.
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@Tristan Hinkley where’s the best place to take a look at there stuff as get started? I had a brief look at the web page but interested in learning more… Im keen to improve in mobility. Might check GMB out more but hoping you have some tips where to start..,
Reverse getups
I don't know when it started, but I was shown how to do getups from the top and I really love them more than from the bottom. I was also was shown a kind of bridge with a straight leg near the bottom I haven't seen in the getups here. Not sure if it's just a slight modification or a hinderence but I figure I would ask for a form check while I'm here. Thanks guys! This one is with a 36k
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Hey @Brandon Hampton just noticed your wrist position which you can probably tweak. The way you have your hand inserted into the bells means that your wrist is bending back when holding the bell overhead. Watch a whole bunch of the videos form Grant and Sean and you’ll see the wrist is always straight and with the heavier bells it’s perhaps more bending forward. But never back. Your’s is the “broken wrist position” 🙈 once you see it you’ll see what I mean. Compare with this - see Grants wrist. Recommend watching the video TGU secrets are in the classroom. I have a few other thoughts but I’m sure other guys will point other things out 👍 Great work!! Looking strong!!
Took the 32kg for a ride today
Tomorrows workout marks the completion of my first round of this program. Today was a moderate/light day for TGU so I did something naughty. I tested out my next heavy TGU bell (32kg) after the session. I won't say that I own that weight (unlike the 24kg from this month's program) but holy shit it went up easy, and it felt bloody solid. This stuff really works.......couldn't tell you the last time I did a TGU prior to 4 weeks ago. Thanks Sean, Grant and everyone here. It's a nice feeling to see and feel measurable progress.
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Did you jump from 24 to 32? Or have you had the 28 as your heavy?
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@Troy Collins literally the exact same thought process I’m having. I took 32 for a test run last week and had the same experience. I feel like I own the 24 but was also surprised how easy the 32 went up. Felt solid. Am using 32 now as my heavy in the flagship
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