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48kg Getup!
After something like 8 months of basically just using the Flagship program I hit my first 48kg getup yesterday and it felt pretty strong. I was skeptical that my smaller 5'9" 168lb frame could actually make it there, but trusted the progressive overload model and kept grinding. @Grant Anderson and @Sean Griffin if I can do this following a free 4 week cycle from you guys I'm curious what I can accomplish with the Academy. Might have to try it out for a few months.
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@Joshua Ihle Haha I have another video of the other side. My wife usually hits stop between the sides when she is recording for me.
Trust the Process
44kg/97lb Getup today. Slow march towards 48kg continues. Still have things that I'm working on, but awesome to continue the progress.
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The Quad Getup
@Sean Griffin / @Grant Anderson how important is it to be able to complete a quad getup before moving up in weight. Personally I'd say not that important because I think each iteration through the 4 weeks I've only been able to complete the quad at the lighter weights. Now that I'm at the 32kg for my moderate I've been able to get myself to doing a triple, but that quad is really tough. Should I be trying to add in more doubles and triples into my training to pull that off, or as long as I'm able to get solid singles with my heavy bell to keep moving up in weight?
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Fit for the Holidays Week 4! Final Week.
Hey guys, I hope you're all still going strong into week 4. Let's hear some updates. What's been going well, what have been the struggles? Are you meeting your overall goals? Let's rock this final week of the accountability/encouragement group. Thanks for all of your contributions to the group these past few weeks: @Eric Hicks @Jared Belmarsh @Mike Hughes @Nathan Ellefsen @Tom Kortegaard @Grant Anderson
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@Eric Hicks I like to say sometimes you are the hammer sometimes you are the nail. My wife likes the phrase different day different body. Sleep, nutrition, hydration etc can change how we feel for a workout each day. Keep hammering and being consistent.
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Almost done with Week 4. Did Day 3 of Week 4 this morning. Heavy swings with the 48kg felt good. Although I have no idea how I"m ever going to be able to single arm that beast. That damn quad getup still eludes me. Got a solid triple, put the bell down for 10 seconds to shake out the arm then back up again for the last single on the left. Got about 3.75 of the 4 reps on the right. Had just got back down to my elbow and had to gracefully lower the bell to my chest before I could do the roll back. I think I'm ready to go up in weight, but really wanted to be able to do the quad before going up.
Fit for the Holidays Week #2 - Discussion Thread 
Hey everyone - It’s been a great week of encouragement and accountability from all of you guys! This is a new thread for week #2 check-ins and for the weekly discussion questions. I'd love to hear from all of you on the questions below as we start the week. 1.  How did week 1 go for all of you?  What were your challenges, what were your victories? 2. What is one way that you enjoyed the holiday season over the past week?  3. Share about a time you felt good about the progress you’re making in your fitness journey.  Let’s keep the momentum going!
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Week 1 Day 3 today. Felt super strong today and my HR showed that as well. Doubles felt strong at 32k now that I'm going through the cycle with the same weights again. Keep up the work fellas! Consistency beats intensity.
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Finally knocked out Week 1 Day 4 yesterday. Also put in almost 16km on my rower to get to 100km, which is the halfway point of that challenge. Getting challenging trying to keep both programs going, but I'm here for it.
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