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Hotel workouts
I’m traveling next week and will be in a hotel for 3 days. Anybody have a good routine for a hotel, that’s quick and only requires one bell. I’ll probably bring a 32kg with me. Thanks!
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I travel a lot for work. My first option is to see if the Hotel has a relationship with a nearby Gym and offer free day-passes during my stay. This works out, quite often, but not always. If I you have one KB with you, I am assuming you can do Swings and Get Ups with that weight? Even if you have to adjust the Swings, as in do 2-hand swings when you normally do 1-hand Swings, that’s totally fine. Remember, traveling is stressful no matter who you are. I travel a lot and consider myself a pro but it jacks up my HR and overall strain / stress in my life during that time. It actually takes about 2 weeks of being back home for my HR and HRV to fall back into normal levels. It is a good idea to do the training session but take them down a notch from what you normally can do at home. Sometimes I have found that just some presses or snatches then some Zone 2 on the treadmill for 30 to 45 minutes really helps counterbalance the stress of traveling. In fact, on my last trip 2 weeks ago I broke from my normal routine and did Pistol Squats and Chin Ups in a ladder rep sequence of 1,2,3 for 3 rounds. I would do a pistol squat left, pistol squat right, and then a chin up, rest for a few seconds, then repeat the cycle for 2 reps each, then rest, repeat the cycle for 3 reps, longer rest (2 minutes) then do that whole 1,2 3, rep series 2 more time. It felt great, was well within my abilities, no struggle but I had to concentrate to do the reps with good technique. Then I walked on a treadmill at an incline for 30 minutes. I felt goo that I had trained, I was not sore, but ready to fall asleep at bed time, which is most important when I am traveling. If you will have the one KB, pick a grind (press, row, TGU, ) and a ballistic movement (swing, clean, Snatch) and do the grind for 15 minutes in sets of 3 to 5 reps, and then do the ballistic you chose for the next 15 min in the same way, sets of 3 to 5 or higher depending on how light the weight is relative to your 1RM. Take comfortable breaks during sets. 30 min is about all you need on the road to keep up the momentum in your training sessions, feel good, and be ready to fall asleep.
Who's in So Cal?
I'm in HB. Anyone in Orange county, CA?
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I am in Carlsbad, just south a litt from OC.
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@Mike Stambaugh I am not following a the Flagship program. I have been lifting KBs for some time now. I am doing 40kg get ups and 1-arm swings with the 32. Currently I am doing a Iron Cardio Series focused on improving your press. I am working up to Mil Press the 40KG. I am following the routine found here ( I am on Month2 Week 1. Have fun in Puerto Vallarta and maybe we can link up for a group training session or something. Take it easy.
A few months ago I wouldn't have expected to be able to do a TGU with my 32kg bell. Did my first one today after doing 3 on each arm with my 28kg bell. Definitely felt heavy, but still strong AF. Thanks to Coach Grant and Sean for putting out so much free content. This isn't the normal "free" content that is you get what you pay for. This is stuff they definitely could keep making good money on because it is simple and just works. I look forward to continuing this journey as I chase that 48kg swing and getup goal.
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Congrats. The 32kg on TGUs is legit!
The Neglect
Do you agree with the statement: “I haven’t given enough attention to my neck, which may be my most vulnerable body part." It’s common for people to focus on the more prominent muscle groups like the chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, abs, and glutes. How many of us prioritize neck strength training? Very few people probably do. I’m guilty of inconsistency in this area myself. If you’re part of the minority who does not train their neck and traps 2-3 times a week, it's time to prioritize and execute! 1. What are your thoughts on this topic? 2. Can KB training (swings and getups) effectively strengthen the muscles in the neck region to provide maximum protection? 3. Do you value your cervical region enough to prioritize its' training? Here's a simple yet deceptively challenging program to start with, courtesy of Jailhouse Strong: This exercise is a popular technique used by Brazilian jiu-jitsu and judo fighters, originating from some of Brazil’s toughest neighborhoods. It is a low-impact movement that can improve function and form, including facial features. Start by lying on your back and lifting your head to perform the exercise. Bring your chin to your chest for 40 repetitions, then turn your head to the left and repeat for another 40 repetitions. Do the same on the right side. Next, touch your left ear to your left shoulder for 40 repetitions, then repeat on the right side. You can go through this circuit 2 to 3 times for maximum results. This exercise strengthens the neck muscles, making it useful for grapplers in the clinch and protecting against choke attempts. It can also tone the jaw, helping to define a square jawline and reduce the appearance of a double chin. (Bryant & benShea, 2019, pp. 74-75) References: 1. Bryant, J., & benShea, A. (2019). Jailhouse strong: Tactical shield training. Independently published.
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Agreed. If your “core” is the transfer box, then your neck is the junction box. Very important. Neck nods are a very powerful training technique that is very under appreciated. People would be wise to check out Original Strength for more info on neck nods and how to program them.
So my son who's 19 has been using my kettlebells and other equipment. He started getting calluses on his hands as a result and wants to get some gloves. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Tell him congrats, he is becoming a man. Some minor calluses are good. Too big or too thick is an issue. He can shave them down and keep just a thin sheet of them. They are helpful. He also should pay attention to his grip technique and not “pinch them” in his grip. That would mean he is in between a hook grip, mostly fingers and an over grip ( mostly palm and a flexed wrist like in arm wrestling). Neither of those grips should pinch the calluses.
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