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"Sorry, busy self-developing."


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Stop living life on hard mode. Find work that feels like play. Do work you were meant to do. Reach your full potential. Self-actualize.


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Just closed a portfolio site deal! while on call with Andrew
I got a cold dm from a guy 2 day back and he was about to offer his service but i used a UNO reverse card and got on call with him few hours back and closed the deal on the X chat while listening to the Call-4, I am designing a portfolio for him on framer and in return i get a testimonial. After today's call i felt like i should have closed the deal on the call itself but it is what it is, as i found out the tressure from the call-4... I JUST NEED TO WORK.
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Just closed a portfolio site deal! while on call with Andrew
Congrats Charan!
Simple framework to Find Work That Feels Like Play
Hey there Synthesizers aka my favorite group of people online Today my brain somehow managed to synthesized a simple (not easy) process for anyone to find work that feels like play to them lol. Thought I’d share it here with you guys too in case helpful & get your two cents. The process involves 4 things: (1) Create self-awareness (based on your past experiences) - Journaling and what not to uncover your own strengths, interests, preferences etc. - Gotta figure out what you love doing first. I don’t think there’s other way to do it apart from actually reflecting with yourself lol. (2) Create a plan of action to get closer to the work that feels like play - Setting annual, monthly, weekly goals etc. and act on it - Take action -> get data -> reflect -> update plan Honestly only these two would be enough but probably won’t be sustainable. I found that it helps to: (3) Collect wins as you go (4) Collect motivational quotes / affirmations To help fuel action during bad days and inspire MASSIVE actions during good days. (Kirby had a video on affirmations too which I am trying to internalize 😆 Of course there will be more details esp in the first two steps. Eg how to plan your week, month, year to get to that work the most effectively. But I am quite convinced if you keep doing these four things long enough you will eventually figure out what you love doing and find a way for it to make money too. Anything I missed? Would love your synthesizing minds to challenge this hehe (Context: I have been trying to articulate how I found myself the work that feels like play. It’s a transformation I had achieved and now want to make it the thesis of my community lol. It’s been a multi-year journey of self reflection, trying a bunch of things, and… luck lol. Was taking a long walk today and then boom this popped up haha)
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Simple framework to Find Work That Feels Like Play
Is 1000s of DMs really the best way to get members?
Been wondering if this is true recently. Sounds like a lot of work. But business is work, so I get that. Just wondering if I’m doing the right activities with my time.
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Is 1000s of DMs really the best way to get members?
I think it’s just one of the levers we can pull. For me I am not doing that yet because I don’t have a solid “offer” in my community. That would just result to very low conversion rate. Aka wasted effort. I think once you nail the offer part & the copywriting, cold DMs might be effective. Ideally strangers should be super interested to join after seeing your text! But don’t let overthinking hinder your actions 😆 I’m on vacation otherwise I’ll be spamming people in DMs too LOL.
The perfect About photo doesn’t exi…
My community: help people find work that feels like play 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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The perfect About photo doesn’t exi…
Sorry guys my flights delayed had nothing better to do 😂
@Hichem Dahmani sounds familiar 🤣
✅90 Second Tactic You can use to Grow your Community
Do you have fingers? Do you have a Free community? Great, then you can use this tactic. This is an extra tactic I came up with while watching a video by Alex Hormozi that you can use in addition to Kirby's tactics from the lecture. What it is? Affiliate marketing. Asking people in the community to invite 1-3 'perfect customers' (could be friends) in exchange for a 1 hour Free coaching call with them. "If you think you market is saturated, you are probably not doing enough"- Hormozi Write a small text in 90 Seconds, pin it and maybe even tell the most active members in DM that this deal is now live. This will 100% work. Good luck. If your 1 hour coaching is too valuable, just do this: I will do [medium value activity] for you if you invite 1-3 (you decide) perfect customers to the community. Or you can promise them a random Full Guide document you made or something. Be creative. 🤝
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Love this! Need to implement with my group now!
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