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Hello everyone,
Good morning everyone, I am Maikel, and I live in Groningen, the Netherlands. I have 2 sons who are fanatical about collecting cards, which revived nostalgia. As a result, I am now researching Pokemon cards together with the oldest to start investing. I don't have a specific card that I like. The Crown Zenith set is cool, and Snorlax is my favorite.
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Welcome @Maikel Hondebrink , crown zenith is a incredible set, I'm in love with the new illustration rare cards
finally came back to me
Finally, the cards sent to PSA came back to me. It turned out a little worse than I thought, but it's not bad for the first time, although I have mixed feelings because the Charizard case came back with a crack. I'm still considering pikachu, it looks very clean to me, the centering is just a bit poor. I don't understand lugia and gengar either, lugia looks much worse and there's only a 1 grade difference
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finally came back to me
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I think that dent or creases lower the grades drastically, although they are barely noticeable with the naked eye. I don't know much about grading, only what I read on reddit since I don't collect graded cards.
HeyHey everyone!
I am Mert, 33, and I live in Germany. I really appreciate being part of this community, share this hobby and discuss investing. My favorite Pokemon is Gyarados, my favorite card the Dark Gyarados from Team Rocket, my first I started with :)
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HeyHey everyone!
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Welcome @Mert Benner , Gyarados is also one of my favorite pokemon. My favorite Gyarados cards are Shining Gyarados from neo 3, and the full art Gyarados from ancient origins. My next goal when I return from vacation is to get the Gyarados ex Premium Collection.
🇯🇵 Pokemon Card 151 Reprint rumors
Last week I heard that Pokemon Japan has ordered a new print run of Pokemon Card 151 and that it will be restocked at stores in May. Great news! Prices on cardmarket seem to have dropped below €150 per box and I'm guessing when this reprint hits Europe prices will drop more. I'm hoping for a ton of product, and a good sign is that for the first time since 2020, Japan’s Pokemon Center website is selling booster boxes of recent sets without major restrictions. Hopefully they have finally increased their production output. I will definitely invest in this set and get quite a few boxes as soon as the price is right. Even if a lot of boxes hit the market, you can't really go wrong with this one I feel (if you get in at the right price). What about you guys? Did you already invest in some sealed boxes? If not, will you?
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🇯🇵 Pokemon Card 151 Reprint rumors
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2 more boxes... I still pull some Ex that I don't have. I love this set, I'm addicted to opening boxes, I think when I come back from vacation I'll buy some more. This time I bough them for 70€ each.
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@Dominik Kubala In Japan I only buy from, because it already includes customs. Unfortunately it is impossible to buy 151 on Amazon, so I buy it directly in Europe (of course overpriced)
Hello everyone !
My name is Florian and I'm currently living in France, Toulouse. My favorite card in my collection is my 1rst edition base Charizard. Can't send a photo as it's in my safe, but I'll edit this post when I'll go there. The reason I collect is that I have collected Pkmn cards since my 5th birthday. Always opened every single card I own today and never bought one or traded one to complete my collection. Currently owning 12357 cards for the normal set and 28177 cards for the Master Set, all in French and opened by me. I'm arriving at the limit of what I can pack myself and am now looking into buying or trading missing cards for my collection.
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@Jesse Kroon Thanks, yes I always was very carefull with my cards and collections. I still have the empty boosters that I opened, the gum stickers and even an unopened Misty can of pepsi.
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@Jesse Kroon Many years collecting, at actual prices It would be impossible
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