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Milestone Bell
Okay- it’s been a minute since I’ve posted- but I’ve been going thru the flagship program now for 6 months. It is just what I do now- and I’m still loving it! I had never used KBs for training, and coming off elbow surgery- I started small and humble at 16kg GU/20kg Swings. I’m now needing to buy my first 48kg bell to start working it in on my heavy swings!! 👀👀💪🏻💪🏻. I’ve been looking forward to this day - but now I’m left with a dilemma (a fun dilemma). WHAT 48KG BELL DO I BUY??? I want something special to commemorate the occasion- I have mostly all Rogue bells and a few Lifeline (Amazon) bells. So I thought I’d ask the community of big boys @Grant Anderson @Sean Griffin @Tom Kortegaard @Bas De ruyter @Rhys Evans @David Hall @Nathan Visser @Nate Dye @Jacob Nuesser - what should I get???
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Amazon isn't a as good as it used to be but you can still find some great deals on pretty good bells. I bought a pair of 20kg bells that I'm happy with last year for like a hundred bucks. I think they're Yes4All or something like that. The rogue and kettlebell kings bells are nice but I don't think it's necessary to spend that much
Maybe hitting a wall?
Have not posted in a while. Worked up to: (Using the Flagship Program) ( 4 x per week) - 2 hand swings with 40 kg (going to 48kg) - TGU 40 kg, (couldn't get all of the 10 TGUs with 40kg). Hit a wall, felt weak. Started to do 1 hand swings: (3 to 4 x per week) - 1 hand swings with 24 kg (going to 28kg) - TGU 32 kg Last week I took a deload week because I have had a lot of stress in my life. (3 x on the week) - 2 hand swings with 28 kg - TGU with 28 kg This next week I will begin working my way up to heavier 1 hand swings. (4 x per week) - 1 hand swings 24 kg (Heavier KB of 28 kg) - TGU 32 kg (Heavier KB of 40 kg) Ive been rejected from the 40 kg TGUs maybe I can just work myself up with these "lower" bells with the 1 hand swings, after all it is less weight on my frame even if it is harder with only one hand. Any suggestions of how to proceed? @Grant Anderson
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Looks like you may just need more time/work put in with the heavier bell sizes. I think a lot of people get excited when they move up to a heavier bell that they try to keep that momentum going and try to move up to quickly. Spending more time putting in work at a new heavier bell helps to "own" that weight like Grant says. For example if you moved recently from say 36kg to 40kg you may either just need to spend more time building up the 40kg. If you can't hit say 5 getups with the 40 but you can do 3 or maybe 4 then stick the 3 for a couple weeks and work on adding an additional getup over time. Or you could spend more time working the 36kg doing 5 per arm OTM for a few weeks to really own that weight until it feels easy. Then start reducing rest time. Work on getting 5x36kg unbroken or 1 every 30 sec kind of thing. Hopefully that makes sense lol.
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@Joe Zaga now worries dude. Going back to the 32 and rebuilding back to the 40 is a solid plan. It will help you improve technique and gain the strength to really own the 32 until that feels way too easy. If you do your 10 getups with the 32 for a few weeks and get to a point where it felt so easy that you could do it again then I'd say you've built the required strength to move back into the 40kg range. Your body will give you all kinds of signals so you just have to learn to read the signal and adjust accordingly. So if you make the 32 your bitch and start getting fired up and excited for the 40 that's a sign that you're ready. Last time it sounds like you got squirrely when life got hard. I do that. Its normal. When it happens you just have to ask yourself do I really need to change things or am I just overwhelmed. Most times you just need to trust the process and stay the course. If life gets hard, your push back harder. That's when change really tales place. You got this bro
Ended up back in PT with L5-S1 bulge
Got great results from the paid program and love the simplicity. Issue I have is old injury from work that popped up and now has gotten worse. I had a swollen (slight bulge) disc years ago when the injury happened and had kept it in check. Due to heavy swings and get ups, I now have a more significant injury and am curious how to train with swings being on hold for a while? I do have work outs from the PT but those are for the back and he didn’t restrict my Working out.
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Suitcase deadlifts are very underrated for strength endurance and hypertrophy. Unilateral and doubles. With doubles it great for overall lower body anterior and posterior similar to how the leg press works and is fuckin great for my back
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I like how strong doubles feel but I should probably do more of the unilaterals too lol
Where are you from? Philadelphia, PA What's your nickname? No nickname. Karl Favorite Kettlebell Exercise? Trying to figure that out. The only ones I know are the swing and the squat so... I guess those Least Favorite Kettlebell Exercise? I haven't done a get up yet, but I'm SURE it will start out being my least favorite, but I'm looking forward to making it my favorite. What do you need immediate help with inside this community? Encouragement. It is so easy for me to get busy with work and other things. My health needs to take precedence.
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Hey Karl, welcome. You will get plenty of encouragement here. This community is great for that. Make sure to check out the classroom section. The videos unlock as you watch them in sequence. Good luck.
Where to go fro here?
Looking for advice/reccomendations. Finished the 4 week flagship today! Using 53lb KB as medium and 70lb KB as heavy. Wondering if I should keep scaling up in volume with the same bells or move up in weight and starting the flagship over? 160 swings @ 16 swings EMOM for 10 mins w/ 53# felt good. (6 out of 10 if 10 is Max effort). 100 swings w/ 2 medium and 8 Heavy also a 6 out of 10. Get ups w/ the 70# feel good. Also considering including an additional movement into the flow (cleans or snatches). End goal is to get lean. Tracking MACROS and calorie intake. Lost 10lbs in the first 2 weeks, but the weight loss Plato’d since. Appreciate any insight/perspective. Thank you Jeff
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Keep in mind that with kb training the progression is typically slower than barbell/dumbbell. With kbs there are continued adaptations that occur within the body that go almost unnoticed because you dont get a visual feedback like body composition. Processes that involve the body's energy systems, recovery (set/rep recovery and session recovery), and cardio vascular adaptations. So while you may have just increased bell sizes for a particular movement and are beginning to pull them into your 70% there are several internal processes happening concurrently. These take longer to occur so staying at a particular increased bell size for a few weeks allows for greater adaption to really own that new bell size. Hope this helps.
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Well when pulling heavier bells into your 70-80% (moderate bell) range you would use the bell you moved up to and adjust the sets, reps, intraset (rests in between exercise sets) rest periods, and intrworkout (rests between exercises) rest periods, total session time, etc. Remember the main progressive overload (drivers of hypertrophy) units that you can adjust to ensure PO is occurring is by increasing over time is the sets, reps, or weight of a given exercise. Typically a trainee would choose 1 to 2 unit to adjust at a time. So in this case you would be looking to increase volume either by sets or reps or both (both is exponential). Or you could increase session intensity by reducing rest periods. You could also increase session density by doing more overall session volume in less time. Plenty to choose from.
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