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  • Jeffrey Miller

    Selinsgrove, Pa

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    I help students use the warrior teachings of Japan's Samurai and Ninja to create more of the confidence, power, & control they want in their lives!

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  • Nestor Marte


    • Active 28m ago

    Muay Thai, Luta Livre and Boxing coach

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  • William Blanscet
    • Active 9d ago

    Muay Thai Gym owner

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  • Shaughn Vos
    • Active 3d ago

    BJJ school owner and Black belt

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  • Heriberto Santiago
    • Active 9d ago

    I'm a policeman and a Martial Arts Instructor. I like to teach anyone that truly wants to learn.

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  • Frank Maddox
    • Active 4h ago

    Owner of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Oak Hill

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  • Bob Heinemann
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    Teach and train martial arts, play bass, kiss my girlfriend, try to not put too many weird ideas into my kids brains, and coach youth lacrosse.

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  • Brent Atkinson
    • Active 3d ago

    Dancing Sensei dad

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  • Lasse Storm

    Denmark • ENFJ

    • Active 2d ago

    I work with a group that works toward the betterment of clarity and well-being in our world 🌎

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  • Dylan Sirny
    • Active 9d ago

    Martial Art Instructor

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  • Reinhardt Gallo
    • Active 35d ago

    Martial arts

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  • Michael Cardoso
    • Active 13h ago

    Cardoso BJJ

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  • Clarissa Rodriguez
    • Active 51d ago

    General Manager at Bobby Lawrence Karate Orem

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  • Eyas Hamza
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    Owner of E7 Grappling Club (Formerly The Pride MMA) BJJ & Luta Livre Black Belt. VP of Bahrain Wrestling Federation

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  • Philip Lee
    • Active 19d ago

    Grandmaster Philip Lee

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  • Chris Rosson
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    I am a grandpa to 8 kids. I am married for a long time, I have 3 sons. I am semi-retired and do digital marketing as a side hustle.

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  • Ton Geouge
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  • Frode Strøm
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  • Hector Carrizales
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  • Tommy Wales

    Palm Bay Florida

    • Active 10h ago

    I own and operate Vortex Jiu Jitsu Academy in Palm Bay Fl. and I change peoples lives through Jiu Jitsu!!!!

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  • Joseph Kahawai

    Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

    • Active 15d ago

    I turn people into pretzels, respectfully. When not teaching jiu jitsu, I hang out with my wife, learn about AR, or study other languages.

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  • Tomasz Konkol
    • Active 14d ago

    Father, family man. Martial arts specialist and practitioner. Small business owner.

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  • Tomek Maciejowski
    • Active 19d ago

    Sport, automotive

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  • Chris Lee
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  • Pacho Sanchez T.
    • Active 1d ago

    I am a Krav Maga Instructor trying to grow as a leader!

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  • Jason Orchard
    • Active 174d ago

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  • Daniel Ortiz

    Alexandria, VA

    • Active 3h ago

    Making the unconscious concious.

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  • Clinton Julien
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  • William Ford
    • Active 180d ago

    Student of martial arts since 1974

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  • Desmond Elliott
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Mike Gowans

Andover, Kansas • INTJ

I help martial artists build and grow a successful business.

Active 5h ago

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