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Thinking of taking an editing class in college. Before I do, can anyone suggest a private course that might be better or more relevant?



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Helena Leppanen
David Boland
Thomas Imoehl
Michael Labrada
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    I would do what Hormozi does when he wants to learn something new. I would hire a private coach to edit in front of you and show you WHY he does everything he does. If he can edit a couple of projects in front of you like that, I’m sure you’ll be at the next level you are looking for.

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    I know that Hamza's editor has a course that he sells. I purchased it but haven't had a chance to go through it yet.

Hey Synthesizers. Problem I want to solve - The world’s knowledge is disorganized, lacks curation from an Islamic perspective, unsynthesized, and is not tailored towards achieving actionable results. Vision I want to actualize - I want Muslims to have a place where they can escape all of the noise and get the best of what is available in all areas of knowledge through the lens of Islam, and have it change their lives spiritually, physically, and monetarily. Mission I want to pursue to actualize my vision - I want to create the leading self-development personal brand for Muslims which will funnel to my Islamic Educational Platform, which will present curated, synthesized, and action-oriented content/courses through the lens of Islam in every useful subject (entrepreneurship, spirituality, fitness/combat sports, marriage, networking, neuro-linguistic programming, etc), along with an interactive community aspect. My current thoughts: In the long run, I want to have the biggest Islamic education platform (not just "religious" knowledge, but all knowledge curated from an Islamic perspective) which has a content and a community aspect. I thought to start by creating a mastermind (telegram groups with themed groups with weekly calls and a content portal) and charge $997/year for it. I managed to funnel 77 people to a free telegram group where I post voice-notes and occasional CTA's and I already made three sales from it. But, now I am thinking that the Telegram community (which is currently part of the paid mastermind) will serve as a good free lead magnet and place to build the community, and maybe I can monetize in some other way. I also am ignorant to how educational businesses operate and monetize, along with the different types of educational models, which has me not exactly clear to the road that lies ahead of me, what I should be monetizing, what I shouldn't, etc. Any suggestions appreciated.



Hello! Welcome to the Synthesizer Skool. The goal of this skool is to help Educational Content Creators and Consultants reach Financial Freedom by mastering the META for the Great Online Game - Synthesizing. Start by checking out these links - Classroom - Roadmap - Mission - Resources - Impact, Income, Fun - University - Work with Andrew To kick things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know: 1. Your name 2. What project you're currently focused on See you in the comments!



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    Hey Synthesizers. I am extremely blessed to have found this community, and grateful for the chance to take part in the synthesizing journey alongside each and every one of you, under the tutelage of brother @Andrew Kirby. My name is Muaadh. I am 31 years old, born and raised in New York, originally Cuban/Italian. Eleven years ago, when I was 20 years old, I converted to Islam and made a conscious decision to leave the west, hibernate, abandon all social media, and dedicate my life to living in different countries in the East. My aim was to master the Arabic Language sciences (grammar, morphology, rhetoric, etc) and other related subjects (jurisprudence, aristotelian logic, quranic exegesis, etc) through direct transmission, sitting with the best scholars under the worst conditions. During these 11 years, I didn’t watch a single YouTube video, listen to a single song, or read a single book outside of my mission. I left America and never looked back. My journey has brought me to live and seek knowledge in countries such as Saudi Arabic, Egypt, The Gambia, Ethiopia, Turkey, etc. My primary objective was to master every single Arabic and Islamic science, laying the foundation to establish myself as an authority in my niche. This mission took precedence over EVERYTHING else. For the first year and a half, I lived on a budget of $500 per month. After marrying, my wife, children, and I remained on the same amount for approximately 9.5 years. Residing in some of the toughest neighborhoods in Egypt and elsewhere, there were times when, by the month's end, we could only afford beans or noodles. I had an amazing wife who was just as inspired as me in our mission; and we did this all in order to directly acquire knowledge at the feet of the scholars of the fields I wanted to master. Now, 11 years later, I'm embarking on the second phase of my journey. My goal is to master other life aspects through the lens of Islam and transform the knowledge and insights I've gained into actionable and practical guidance for other students of knowledge and Muslims treading the same path as me.

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    @Muzafar Ahmed Appreciate the support!

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