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Changing who you Subscribe to is a very high leverage decision. It takes 2 minutes, and can benefit you for years to come. After all... You Become who you Consume. --- So, in order for us all to improve our information diet, let's share who we subscribe to on YouTube. Find out by clicking here. Or on the left side of YouTube on browser. Or at the bottom of YouTube mobile. Comment below. I'll go first.



Andrew Kirby
Paul Masters
Joe Wu
Shivam Jha
Phil Charles
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    I 100% second doing this. I did this about 2 years ago and it has paid huge dividends in my growth as a person.

Go to any social media platform, type in Andrew Tate, and you'll see a person who has mastered capturing attention. Lessons: 1. Don't be boring 2. Be polarizing 3. It's all well and good to say this, but @Bru Capellร  showed me how Andrew executes this. It's through exaggeration. When most people say extreme things, they may capture attention, but it's all negative attention, because there's nothing valuable underneath what they're saying. But if you exaggerate a valid point, you get the best of both worlds. You capture the attention from the extreme point, but you also are making a valid point, so people don't just view you as crazy. I don't care about whether you agree with what he's saying or not. And I'm not saying we should all emulate him. I'm just saying there's lessons we can learn from him. Thoughts?



Bru Capellร 
Andrew Kirby
Deepak M
Jeff Harrison
Jack Knoll
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    Big fan of Andrew Tate here, been watching him for a while. One thing to note is that him blowing up now is a result of the tiktok campaign that people in his Hustler's University are doing. They basically make account posting clips of his interviews and videos as a way to affiliate market his HU discord. He has like 15+ accounts on TikTok all blowing up right now, it's genius marketing.

Hey Synthesizers, I'm Michael and my story is that I'm a TikTok content creator (@michaeldrift) who is looking to transfer my ambitions to YouTube. My TikTok content is around men's self-improvement (fitness, mindset, habits, nutrition) and I was able to amass a following of 350k with a couple of viral videos (some of which were actually pranks on my mom lol). However, while TikTok is a great platform to get exposure, its inconsistent viewership, low follower conversion to other platforms, and sensitive video/account flagging system are making me take my efforts to YouTube in the hopes of building a more dedicated and reliable audience on a more consistent platform. I'm basically starting from scratch since a few of my followers converted to my YouTube when I started it a month ago so it's going to be another grind. I identify heavily with the synthesizer title which is why I'm here and am looking forward to growing with you guys. My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgXgm6kosja2j2N1OoU-yjA



Corey Bennett Boardman
Lee Meyers
Wiktor Romanowicz
Michael Drift
Tintin Smith
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    @Andrew Kirby Appreciate that Andrew! You're a vet in the space!

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    @Ahmed Hallajian Hey Ahmed, I appreciate the suggestion! I have thought of it and posted one content that was made for TikTok as a short already. It didn't get any crazy #s however I do think using content that performed well already is a good idea and proof of concept. However, I am fearful that Shorts don't translate to a real dedicated audience. I have seen channels that post shorts heavily however there normal videos don't get the same viewership. It seems while you might get a good push from the algo, it doesn't bring the same value as real videos. I'm curious if you have noticed this about Shorts too, it's similar to have a TikTok audience.

So the last time I posted on here was 7 months ago. I was starting my channel and had around maybe 100 subscribers. Now after a couple of videos, I'm at 950+ but this is still far from blowing up and I have limited time before I start grad school. Ideally, I d want to be doing YouTube, so here's my plan to blowing up. After analyzing how many new prominent YouTubers said they blew up their channel, people like James Jani, Jake Tran, and Patrick Gavia, one thing they did was stand out from their competition. Those three specifically went against the grain by posting higher quality documentary-style videos less often in niches that are dominated by the consistent 10-minute upload style 2-3 times a week. Therefore, applying this to my niche of "self-improvement" I've been working on a documentary on a controversial topic that I haven't seen done yet. I've poured at least 50-60+ hours into the creation of this video and am still not done, however, I'm hopeful that this video will blow up my channel. While I'm a bit concerned about the polarizing nature of this topic, I think this is the best move I can make to stand out in my niche and get my voice through. If you're interested in seeing this video when it releases, feel free to subscribe to my channel. Hopefully, this goes well though. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgXgm6kosja2j2N1OoU-yjA



Corey Bennett Boardman
Michael Drift
Mia Cardenas
Callum Rylance
Sneha R
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    @Corey Bennett Boardman Appreciate that Corey! Still going at it, hopefully this next video is the one!

Just checked my analytics and saw that one video got 164,000+ subscribers. Lesson: creating one piece of content could completely change your life.



Will Palmer
Andrew Kirby
Johny Rhys
Ahren Ingold
Dan Goldfield
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    Taking this advice and acting on it. I saw your unlisted video a couple weeks ago and it 100% aligned with my YouTube strategy, Great content Andrew!

What are you thoughts on starting with quick 1-3 minute videos on TikTok to grow a following fast? Not stupid dancing videos, informational value videos but condensed to 1 - 3 minutes.



Cameron Thomas
D'rion Sutherland
Travis Moore
Baris Kirat
Michael Drift
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    @Travis Moore No worries brother!

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    @Baris Kirat Consistent uploads in a certain niche you know a lot about. Strategic use of tags. Engaging content that inspire watch time and engagement. That's all. I was early on tiktok, before the pandemic so I was able to come in a less competitive market forunately. Best of luck!

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