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We use Kajabi as a client and a team tool. As a team tool it onboards new team members. To make that work we need assessments so Kajabi checks if they got right what we tell in our courses. And we got the same with clients. In that case we make a checklist in the end of each module so they need to mark all bullets on the checklist so they get the next module. We can’t use skool until you got that feature. So we are happy to hear if it’s on your roadmap. Best regards Max



Saqib Rasool
Max Schmietendorf
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    @Saqib Rasool yes but why than use skool?

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    @Saqib Rasool depending on what’s the slickest means to you. 😅 But I got your point. But in my opinion this gamification features are cool but not crucial. And I don’t want to summarize two tools for reason of summarizing and than replacing it by itroducing another tool like typeform.

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