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Start, run & grow your own marketing agency from $0 to $10k /month in 90 days!πŸ‘‡

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Hi guys I just landed my first client paying me 4k/month!!!
Anyone out there trying to get their first clients know that you just have to keep going and you will inevitably succeed!
James Cunningham
Usman Karamat
Nir London
Taseen Islam
Loveson Kaliraj
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Let's go!
New client payment successful!
Recurring revenue achieved! LET'S GO!
Faizan Khan
Aaron Whipple
Owen Rensland
James Humphrey
Loveson Kaliraj
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$18,250 Cyber Week Giveaway (23 Entries Left!)
HighLevel just extended the Black Friday & Cyber Week 50% discounts until December 3rd. Because of that I decided to extend the $18,250 giveaway as well. We still have a couple of more spots left to join the $18,250 giveaway. If you haven't joined yet, well now's the time. Click here to get started:
Hamzaoui Rida
Sarvesh Joshi
Dr. Luke McCabe
Livin Kumar
Max Perzon
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@Dr. Luke McCabe Hey Luke! Yes will announce the winners here inside the Skool community πŸ’―
πŸŽ‰ Welcome (Important Information!)
First and foremost, a big warm welcome! I can't wait to see what you'll be able to accomplish here! I've recorded an important video for you to review. It covers exactly how to get the most out of this community. Here's what I cover: - Community - Classroom - Calendar - Points, rewards, and leaderboards - Prices 🫡 IMPORTANT: No promotions or job postings allowed! Don't advertise products or services here, not in public or in DMs. Even indirect ways are forbidden. This will get you permanently banned without warning. I'll be looking forward to seeing all your introduction posts and videos! Let's connect, learn, improve, win, and make some real good money here! Let's go πŸš€πŸš€ PS: Leave a comment below, introduce yourself and share a picture of your workspace to complete the action & get points! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ PPS: If you like the course & community, feel free to leave your review here: ❀️
Complete action
Max Perzon
Syed Ghazi
Fabian van Delft
Kiara Brown
Daniel Morel
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@Fabian van Delft welcome!
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@James Humphrey @Lukas Luksic πŸ”₯πŸš€πŸ’ͺ
GoHighLevel CSS Customization
Hey everyone, I wanted to share this video with all of you and demonstrate how you can customize GHL beyond the traditional Dark and Light themes. Many of you might be curious about how Max has managed to white label his with a Blue and Red theme. I hope this brings some value for everyone 😁 Let me know if anyone has any questions ❗️ (Edit:) I posted this a little more than a week ago but there are like 4,500 new members since then! Truly Insane! Just wanted to post again so I can provide as much value as possible for all the new comers πŸ™
Demetre Peradze
Dylan Hanslik
Adarsh B Nambiar
Jebrel Amash
Hamid Nuh
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That's awesome @Dylan Hanslik, love the value and the Loom video! More people should make loom posts, makes them a lot more engaging. Again, awesome stuff Dylan!
Is SMMA becoming saturated?
The topic of SMMA is growing, and many people believe it is getting saturated. I believe that it is not yet saturated, and that saturation isn't necessarily a negative. This is because it means there is money in this, and many people providing value which makes building a SMMA much more accessible. However, I want to know your thoughts on SMMA becoming saturated, is it so, and is that bad?
Awande Malinga
Thabiso Ndlovu
Tk V.s
Robin Kumar
Neville Momanyi
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You control what niche you go into and what service you offer. You can decide to go into a market with a TON of competition, or you go into a market with less competition. However, you can go into a market with a TON of competition, but if you have a unique offer and service you can have NO competition. There's a great book on this called "Blue Ocean Strategy". If you sell exactly what other people are selling, to the same people, then you will have a hard time = Red Ocean. However, If you sell something new & unique to that market you will stand out and you will not compete with the "competition". You will have created your own BLUE OCEAN. So the answer is to become a better entrepreneur. It's lazy to blame the type of business being broken "over saturated". It works. A lot of people are making A TON of money in this industry. If they can, then so can anyone IF they are smart with their market, offer & service selection. Hope that helps!
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@Armandas Cizeika πŸš€
πŸ”΄ $18,250 Black Friday Giveaway (Ending Soon)
If you haven’t signed up for HighLevel yet, well now’s the time! If you start a NEW trial you save 50% for the first 3 months. Meaning that you can get HighLevel for under $50/month! If you’re an existing customer you save 50% on all upgrades for 3 months. Meaning that you can get the $497 plan for just $297 (!!) And of course, you can bundle this with my 30 day free trial as well. Crazy stuff! Access the HighLevel affiliate offers and join the Black Friday $18,250 giveaway here: PS: ⚠️ CURRENTLY 89/200 OF THE WAY FULL
Luke McCabe
Ella Ross
Shehbaz Sarkaria
Sarvesh Joshi
Sam Dass
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$18,250 Black Friday Giveaway (Limited To 200 Entries!)
WHAT CAN YOU WIN? - 5 winners: 1-Year Access MaxPremium ($6,000 value) - 5 winners: Private Coaching Call with Max ($6,250 value) - 10 winners: 6-Month Access MaxPremium ($6,000 value) - 200 winners: Invite-Only MaxPremium Launch-Mastermind (Priceless) I’ve limited the entries to only 200 people. So it's first come first serve. Don't miss out! Some people have already started to join… Ready to join the giveaway? Get started here:
Max Perzon
Ansh Pagare
Nikolai Hjelle
Venkat Maddala
Priyam Chhaparia
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@Lorne Cooper πŸš€πŸš€
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@Nikolai Hjelle No confirmation email. We'll review the back-end data when we pick winners.
5.7k collected in the past few days.
Can't disappoint @Max Perzon after he made the best course ever. Am I right?
Harry Pearce
Aleksa Aleksic
Heekz Khalaf
Venkat Maddala
Mateusz Kielbasa
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Let's go @Aleksa Aleksic! Working on the free SMMA course 2.0 right now. When it gets released we'll massively reward #wins posts like this. Keep them coming!
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@Aleksa Aleksic πŸ”₯
Does Max still do weekly Q&A calls?
Hi, I noticed that Max stopped posting the weekly calls on the calendar. Does he still do weekly Q&A calls? Thx!
Youssef Guirguess
Ansh Pagare
Syed Ghazi
Max Perzon
Rafael Martins
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@Rafael Martins Relaunching the free SMMA course V.2 January 1st. Will be re-starting the Q&A calls by then.
4 Clients
I want to make an update on my recent post. I have now got 4 clients paying me $2000 p/m since starting and fully taken action. Never did I ever think this would be a possibility. with resilience and consistency anything Is possible. My goal still stands. Lets go! #15clientsbefore1stJanuary
Eldor Elmurodov
Adil Ahmed
Kavin Prabhu
Faizan Ali
Dev Ww
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Let's go @Lewis Istrefi
redirect www to the naked domain
Hello, I believe that in the lesson Week1 -> Domain & professional email -> at 19:19 where we setup the www as a CNAME to is MUST BE proxied, otherwise it will not work as intended. Let me explain: with DNS only, cloudflare will not receive the HTTP(s) requests for our domain, so it will not have the opportunity to apply the Page Rule that we are configuring. 😀 With proxying active, the DNS will resolve to Cloudflare infrastrucutre FIRST where they will be able to act on our Page Rule configuration before forwarding the traffic to GHL. Hope this helps
Max Perzon
Calin Damian
Kiniro Goshan
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Great stuff! This is above my pay-grade πŸ˜…
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@Calin Damian πŸš€πŸš€
CLOSED $1.5K @Max Perzon BACK AGAIN!!!
Max Perzon
Mohd Shafiq
Robin Kumar
Dev Ww
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Let's go!
Free SMMA Course V.2 Update & MaxPremium Update
Hey everyone! I'm working on releasing the new updated version of the Free SMMA Course. I'm also working on the launch of MaxPremium. I cover all of the details regarding it in the video below! Also, don't miss out on the $18,250 Black Friday Giveaway. It's ending soon and 68/200 spots have now already been taken! JOIN HERE:
Andrew Montano
Omar Mohames
Qusay Mohsen
Emmanuel Gbolahan
Mandy Sandhu
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@Nayan Tembhurne At the end of the giveaway :)
GHL purchase
Hey @Max Perzon , If i would purchase the basic plan from your link, do I get free trial of 1 month or 14 days in it?
Max Perzon
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Hey @Madhav Mangal, 30 day free trial: Once that's done you can also check out the current black friday deals here:
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