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We are building the Saturday practical AI workshop for you!
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New comment Feb 25
10 likes • Feb 19
I voted for Top Practical GPTs. Not in terms of how to find them, but going deep into how to create, where are the limitations, how to work with uploaded documents, accessing external resources, make their answers predictable and reliable without hallucinations PLUS how to integrate them into a website as a chatbot-gpt and/or how to use them to kick off a workflow, e.g. send an email.
Groq (I recently became aware of ...)
Did we already talked about: ? I do not know much about it. But free? Useful? Let's explore. ... I use it at the moment (not the API, but the direct prompting) and the outputs are promising.
New comment Feb 18
Here's why Sora will break Youtube and some will make MILLIONS
It will impact businesses and creators MASSIVELY. Let's have a more real talk, less fluff. After going through the research papers and hours of discussion, here are 4 points you NEED to consider: --- 1. It will break Youtube and other video platforms. It will flood them with AMAZING shorts. 1 minute videos, which these platforms wanted so desperately. It now kinda backfires with AI automation. Because it is massively scalable. Similar to how the web and SEO is getting polluted with thousands of AI generated articles already. UNLESS they manage to find a way to mark and filter AI-generated content. Which at the moment they can't. But they will try. --- 2. Many "old school" creators will not be able to compete. Unless they will adapt and adopt this tool and similar ones. It takes me 1 prompt to show you the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, from a drone view. Meanwhile old school media needs Reflex camera, tickets to Italy and a sunny day. Good luck competing with me. --- 3. There are BILLIONS to be made here. Video industry is MASSIVE. From advertising to cinema, it is the last bastion of creativity. It is the best-converting medium, for authority and authenticity. And for a long time it was HARD to make, with a high entry barrier. Not anymore. Competition will get fierce, and those with AI + storytelling skills, rare combination, will boom. --- 4. What is YOUR reality? Slap VR goggles, prompt Mars and enjoy your new reality. Because we are going in this direction, whether you like it or not. From the OpenAI research paper: "Sora serves as a foundation for models that can understand and simulate the real world, a capability we believe will be an important milestone for achieving AGI." --- People are watching these videos these days and are impressed, and entertained. They do not see or consider the huge disruption of industries and creator economy. Even of reality itself. Prepare accordingly or let me know if I'm wrong and your thoughts. I know you saw the videos, but wanted a real talk instead of a viral shallow compilation.
New comment Feb 19
2 likes • Feb 17
Absolutely. I cannot wait joining Sora. Lately I was looking for AI assisted videos by vidio or others to help me get YT going. But it is not worth the time for a single creator who's focus and money-honey pot is slightly somewhere else. Too much distraction. Too expensive for the output (in terms of money directly paid and time invested). But I think too, Sora is HUGE. My preferred usage would be clone myself / my avatar properly (like the old man shown in the examples) and do lip-synced shorts - and long form content.
OpenAI released Sora: made human videos obsolete.
OpenAI just dropped a bomb, smooth operators!! Today at 4PM CET we discuss. Sora: the text to video generator. This changes everything. Don't miss it, set reminders. Priority mic for community smooth operators who join:
New comment Feb 18
3 likes • Feb 16
Sora - impressive. Very nice! Without joking - the speed reminds me of Morpheus speaking to Neo: " ... at some point in the early 21st century all of mankind was united in celebration. We marveled at our own magnificence as we gave birth to ai... " Interesting times ahead.
Youtube summary (my style)
Hey, I want to share something helpful. As time is running, I'm more and more into fastforwarding and summarizing youtube video content. I know, there are several plugins but I did not find one with the output I'd liked. So I use the following prompt, just past the video transscript at the end and go! Use and modify as you like. Espacially the writing style is useful to not rely on the transcription's word only. Cheers, M ***************************** You have been tasked with the following points to proivide a student with notes to use for himself. You are expected to act like an expert in the subject the transcription I provide you with is written about. - Summarize the main points of the text.Use keywords from the transcript. Don't explain them. Keywords will be explained later. - Additionally make a short complex analogy to give context and/or analogy from day-to-day life from the transcript. - Take the eventually added images into consideration as well. - State main thesis/theme first. - Use bullet points in response. - In addition to the bullet points, extract the most important keywords and any complex words not known to the average reader aswell as any acronyms mentioned. For each keyword and complex word, provide an explanation and definition based on its occurrence in the transcription. - Provide a very, very detailed exploration of all the above bullet points in a prosaic style. - Provide relevent anecdote or story to illustrate point. - Provide a conclusion that summarizes the main findings and their implications - Provide five actionable steps which one can take and make an actionable plan which one can use to apply the insights from here. Expand and fill with your own knowledge. - Create a closing paragraph that reinforces the main thesis and leaves a lasting impression. - The provided text may contain mentions of sponsorships or brand names. Your task is to write what you have been said to do while avoiding any mention of sponsorships or brand names.
New comment Feb 10
1 like • Feb 9
@David Forer The output will go into my second brain for later review. And based upon that I use other prompts based around the writing style component to create blueprints for other uses, for blogposts etc. So it's a mix, yes - it's my preferred style and it's more or less consistent from the beginning on.
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