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117 contributions to Free SMMA Course
Cold calls
Is someone doing cold calls from India? If yes then which software are you using. Please help me to know which software is best for making cold calls from India
Gurtej Gill
Loveson Kaliraj
Matthew Johnson
Astha Singh
Manvendra Singh
New comment 3h ago
1 like • 1d
I would use skype
Kitchen & Bathroom Niche
Heyy, is there anyone here working in Kitchen & Bath remodeling niche? what outreach channels worked well for you? would love to connect
Dhaval Balsara
Dan Dantas
Matthew Johnson
New comment 5h ago
1 like • 1d
i had a beginner smma owner start in the k&b niche, cold calling worked best for him
0 likes • 12h
@Dhaval Balsara doesnt really matter you shouldnt over think it, 9am-4pm
stripe isn't supported in my country
What should i do? 😭
Dhruv Kh
Yahya Ait Ahmed
Matthew Johnson
Hamse Jama
Mehdi EL Azzaoui
New comment 9h ago
0 likes • 11h
use square or paypal
Cold outreach
If anyone does cold email outreach, do you add a signature in the email? I’ve heard that with a signature an email could end up in spam.
Matthew Johnson
New comment 11h ago
0 likes • 11h
I wouldnt, but if your a beginner, id do cold calling
Yesterday, at gym I went up to a guy in his roofng company's clothes and asked if he owned his own business. He did and we got to speaking and he gave me his number and now he's a potential client. If I hadn't been cold calling I wouldn't be confident enough to go up to him and ask him the questions I did. Cold calling is the basis of being able to sell. Stop procrastinating and get calling. See you tomorrow.
Owen Rensland
Billy Cannon
Matthew Johnson
Olivier van der Pols
New comment 20h ago
0 likes • 1d
That’s a motivating story bro, how many clients you got?
Do you guys have any good ideas I should offer vet clinics for my SMMA? Thanks
Matthew Johnson
Uros Todorovic
New comment 21h ago
0 likes • 1d
Usually an implied guarantee offer works best for beginners
Someone Please tell me what to do I have followed every step in making my website and connecting it with ghl but it is showing (this site can't be reached). Please help. I use GoDaddy for my domain.
Matthew Johnson
Olivier van der Pols
Mohd Ibrahim
New comment 24h ago
0 likes • 1d
Use ghl support bro
what are some great niches in the fitness/health and wellness space that are not personal trainers or gyms? or dose any one think gyms are still worth it?
Matthew Johnson
Olivier van der Pols
New comment 1d ago
0 likes • 1d
Micro gyms, martial art gyms
Meet the biz owner in person???
Hey guys what if the business owner wants to meet in person???💀
Ammar Almulla
Tatenda Tvafukidze
Dhaval Balsara
Matthew Johnson
Olivier van der Pols
New comment 1d ago
1 like • 1d
Go 100%
Loom video > website.
I want to add my loom video for my homepage to my website, does anyone know how I can do this? Downloading the video costs and I don't want to spend money if it's just to download one video.
Adarsh B Nambiar
Matthew Johnson
Carlos Koncar
Meraz Gazi
Heekz Khalaf
New comment 5d ago
1 like • Oct 25
Record it as a loom, download the loom, and then put it on your website
Client #3 -> Signed 📝
After launching campaigns for my first two clients. I got back to outreach and landed my third. Lesson learned - Keep up your outreach while onboarding clients. I focused all my time and effort into onboarding clients and setting up their systems. This lead to a 2-week period where I had no sales calls. I'm not back at it with the outreach and just signed my third client! To everyone out there still grinding for that first client, I can assure you that they are right around the corner. Keep your volume high and you will undoubtedly bear the fruits of your labour. Let's GO 🦁
Matthew Johnson
Williams Louis
Josh Macdonald
Natan Driker
Dev Ww
New comment 8d ago
2 likes • Oct 26
nice stuff, whats your current MRR now? and what do you do?
1 like • Oct 29
@Josh Macdonald Good shit man, proud of you. What goals do you have?
You have this disease
There is a condition, so common it hides in plain sight from the everyday observer. Once aware of it, you will see it everywhere in others. Those blind to the true nature of it are infected, and awareness is the cure. This disease is self solidification. CM defines it as ‘a devastating lapse in the judgement of the mass of society, whereby one believes oneself is state, unable to change and at the mercy of the reality that is the manifest of their unpliable identity’. It’s a total lack of awareness of the human capability for change and transformation. I have a 1-1 coaching client who said to me "All this paradigm and mindset shit doesn't matter, I just care about statistics". Your actions are solely dictated by your paradigm, paradigm is everything. You becoming the person who does x (maybe makes 10k/mo) is hard, because you have to kill your current self in order to evolve to your future self. Your current self has a survival instinct and doesn't want to die, so it fights back in the form of RESISTANCE. Resistance manifests in many ways, here are some. Fear: Most common - not working because you’re afraid of what happens if you do. Instant Gratification: Not working because you want / expect instant gratification. Doubt: Not working because you have doubts about yourself, or that it’s even possible. Anxiety: Not working because it makes you feel nervous, anxious or uncomfortable. Rationalisation: Not working because you’ve rationalised not to do it. Learning: Not working because you want to ‘learn more’ about it first. Research: Not working because you want to ‘do some more research’ first. Comfort: Not working because you feel comfortable right now and don’t want to feel uncomfortable. Perfection: Not working because you want everything to be perfect before starting. Waiting: Not working because you would rather wait to see if things change. Theres probably 100 more manifestations of this. Resistance creates pain. Heres the formula: Effort X Resistance = Pain
Youssef Guirguess
Matthew Johnson
Kavin Prabhu
Viktor van den Broek
Davin Goranson
New comment 10d ago
0 likes • 11d
@Viktor van den Broek Hahahahaha thank you bro! Its a super important concept, im glad i could cure you
0 likes • 10d
@Davin Goranson No worries man glad i could cure you! What do you think you face resistance to?
Where are you currently at?
Im curious for everyone in this skool, everyone whos seeing this answer in the comments How many clients do you have? What MRR are you at?
Alfa Ibn Muin
Matthew Johnson
New comment 13d ago
1 like • 13d
@Alfa Ibn Muin For sure, id say the main thing is taking action bro, who gives a fuck about hghlevel, setting up your website etc, spend literally 24 hours on that, and get straight into setting appointments
The offer that you should use as a beginner in SMMA (basically what i did)
Pricing: $1297 upfront + $65 per show, and it was incentive based. So on calls i’d say “Typically we charge a flat fee of $1297/mo, but if you were to start today, it would just be a one time fee off $1297, and from there a completely pay per results model of $65 per show. Risk reversals: The pay per results model is is already a guarantee, it’s an implied guarantee, and id also have a risk reversal to where if they don’t see an roi in 90 days, i'd give a full refund +5k. In terms of the services, facebook ads and go high level lead nurturing, and if you're in a niche that does this, database reactivation. Any other questions comment them rn, ill answer all!
Alfa Ibn Muin
Matthew Johnson
Hamid Nuh
Taha Shabbir
Kavin Prabhu
New comment 14d ago
1 like • 14d
@Hamid Nuh Ohhh like your service delivery appt setting on gohighlevel? I just ask the client. It doesnt make sense for them to lie, because if your client lies and tells you someone didnt show, your gonna send the prospect no show campaigns and they're gonna be weirded out
0 likes • 14d
@Taha Shabbir No worries bro!
Wins! 3 Meetings set from 27 dms
I'm currently in a saturated niche with a few clients, I have gotten excellent results for one of them and I tried using his results as leverage to get more meetings set but because the niche is so saturated it just doesn't work. So this morning I decided to swap niches and I pick one no one is talking about. As a result from 27 dms I set 3 meetings. I'm also currently reading Alex Hormozi's book $100m Leads. When it comes to the point where I have to pitch my offer to the business owner I use a framework that Alex talks about in his book which works really well, which I will share. My advice if you are doing DM / Text outreach once you pitch to the owner and if they reply with anything that looks like they might be even slightly interested call them immediately. DO NOT keep texting back and forth.
Kavin Prabhu
Yuval Yaron
Theodore Karam
Palamani Saichakri
Oni S
New comment 16d ago
1 like • Oct 21
Good shit, just remember saturation is a good thing
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