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Welcome...Please Introduce Yourself!
To start things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know… #1 - Who are you, where are you from and how do you spend your days (what are your work and your life like?) #2 - What do you want to get out of being in this community? #3 - What do you like to do for fun, pleasure, and expansion? #4 -Do you have any prior experience working with your own energetic blockages or subconscious beliefs? If so, what have you tried? I'll go first... #1 - ✨💕✨My name is Theresa Lear Levine. I am a mom of 4 boys. I experience ADHD and High Functioning Anxiety and turned my love of Entrepreneurship, Personal Development and Feeling better than ever into "Becoming More Me" where I get to use my skills as an EFT master practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Law of attraction mindset coach to help Entrepreneurial men and women all over the world to reclaim their power, inner peace, intuition and confidence so they can live their best life without anxiety and overwhelm. I live in Maryland with my Husband, Jeff, my 4 sons, and 2 yellow Labs! #2 - ✨💕✨What I want out of this community is to be of the utmost service... I want to connect with new friends, I want to serve our existing clients and I want to help people expand their impact, belief in themselves and what is possible when it comes to showing up differently in their lives and getting new results and outcomes where they have previously felt stuck or challenged. Because I already know that my clients are my biggest teachers, I fully expect I will be learning and growing a TON along the way with you and I'm so excited for that! #3 - ✨💕✨Fun, pleasure and expansion, I'm a huge fan of sex research and always expanding in my life sexually. I personally feel that most women undervalue pleasure and that our entire worlds change when we slow down and embrace it! I love deep conversation, relationship building activities (with my husband and kids), audiobooks and music, and am always actively learning something or getting certified in something. I love writing and creating healing and transformational sessions for my clients and I love getting outdoors and being in nature. I regularly share stories on Instagram while taking my morning walk. While I always have many goals I am ambitiously working on, I've learned to make time for slowing down and enjoying my life than I ever have before and now it's a non-negotiable habit and it's glorious!
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Welcome...Please Introduce Yourself!
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#1 - Hi everyone. I live in Roanoke Virginia (a little north of Virginia Tech) I have been a licensed therapist for 30+ years. I specialized in trauma and I'm certified in EMDR. 20+ of those years, I was also Executive Director of a national human service agency. I thought I would retire from there but was so stressed and burnt out that I temporarily lost the vision in my eye from an inflamed optic nerve .After getting healthy again, I transitioned to coaching women who are also suffering from burn out. I have added EFT and NLP to my modalities. #2 - I can't remember where I saw you first Theresa but my focus is working with the nervous system as well and I love continuing to learn ways to work with the subconscious. I hope to learn from those that have gone before me :-) #3 - I love the water and Im on my way to vacay now. LIfe has been busy as I have 3 dtrs, 24, 22, and 18. May was busy with one dtr graduating college and the youngest graduating high school. My oldest is married and my son-in-law just returned from a 9 month deployment as Lieutenant in the Airborne Division of the Army. I also have 5 cats. (don't ask lol) #4 -Absolutely and I think it's crucial for lasting change!
@Dr. Folake Taylor Indeed. That's what it was. I'm happy to say it fully resolved with no lasting impact and has remained stable for many years. But I now take very good care of myself, physically, emotionally, and mentally!
(Take 1 min to read this entire post so you know how to UNLOCK all our resources) First of all... It's so awesome that you found your way here and I'm grateful to have you as part of this community! This is the #1 Free Skool Community for Entrepreneurs to learn how to level up their personal and business lives through Nervous System Regulation and Subconscious Mind Work. In case we have never met you should probably know that over the past few years I have: 💎 Appeared as a guest on over 100 Podcasts and other Media engagements and have Helped more than 1000 Women and Men to create the transformation they desired in their life and business using scientifically proven methods like EFT Tapping and Hypnotherapy applied through my unique lens of energetics, past trauma and experiences and universal laws. 💎 I have had the privilege of being been the practitioner for many sought after experts who regularly work with the nervous system, subconscious mind and somatics as well as many amazing high achievers who were starting from square one with applying these modalities and approaches to their healing and growth. Whether a newbie or an expert, each client was successfully guided to experience next level success, healing and transformation in the ways that mattered most to them individually. 💎 Published my first book, BECOMING MORE ME: Tapping into Success– Subconscious Secrets of an ADHD Entrepreneurial Mom, which became an international best seller in November 2023. 💎 Launched my Top Podcast, Becoming More Me, in 2021 and continue to nurture my listeners and this community with weekly episodes and takeaways that support them in Becoming more of who they wish to be in this world! ✨💕✨ My Goal is for this Free Community to be better than the last High Ticket coaching program you invested in, and that means I have some high standards and am building a community of people who actually engage, support, share, contribute and grow together.✨💕✨
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New Workshop Drops Wednesday!
Wouldn't it be nice full use PLEASURE To FUEL Your SUCCESS?✨🔥💃🔥✨ ✨ Join me to learn how to Elevate the Pleasure in your Life so that you can Create Next-Level Success that Feels Good with Ease! ✨ I used to live in a paradigm or “Struggle and Strive” and often succumbed to conditioning to resist pleasure but now, if I look back over the last couple of years, I can truly say that breaking through that barrier was actually the the biggest key to increased success, inner peace, and way deeper and more connective relationships, both in my business with clients and collaborators and as a wife and parent. ✨ Knowing how much resistance I used to have to trusting in pleasure and then, what happened as I amplified it in my life (**Spoiler alert, it’s NOT what you’d expect**), I put together a workshop to help you understand why you’ve avoided pleasure and to retrain your mind and body and to allow it to elevate your life and business success! ✨ Excited to Share this with All of You Who Feel Called to Make Success Easier and More Fun! ✨ Comment Below to express interest and I’ll get you the registration 🔗 link! 😘
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New Workshop Drops Wednesday!
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Yes please!
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I guide women to break free from burnout. Blending results-oriented coaching with therapy techniques that address the mind and nervous system.

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