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Prompting tips
This seems like a joke, but it is not. Adding a smiley face, telling the model to take a break, thank you, good job, and so on improves the model's performance. LLMs are trained using human data, so it makes sense. Respect your chat bot!
New comment Feb 13
1 like • Feb 12
I knew it. 😁 Finally someone approved my Hypothesis about kindness and respect for LLMs.
AI Thought Leaders
I am trying to compile a list of AI thought leaders. This goes beyond just basic prompt engineers but people who have a real pulse on AI as a whole and where it is headed. Any suggestions? Some I like are: - Sam Woods - Perry Marshall - Scott Galloway - Allie Miller - Alberto Romero
New comment Feb 5
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In this group alone, you can find 5-8 very skillful prompt engineers. Just take a look around.
Ai Gap
What better than to get deep into Learning and executing prompts for reducing the skill gap.
New comment Jan 31
Ai Gap
1 like • Jan 30
I agree with hiring. Usually, SME owners don't have time to follow the AI trends and capabilities. Show them how to solve their pain points with AI, and they will beg for your skills and time.
The genius strategy of working with Copilot - Less thumb-twiddling, more doing
From a survey of enterprise users of Microsoft Copilot 365: - 73% agree that Copilot makes them faster. - 85% said it would help them get to a good first draft faster. - 72% agreed about spending less mental effort on mundane or repetitive tasks. It's time to make productivity at work the norm. With AI as our smart assistant, we cannot go wrong.
New comment Jan 31
The genius strategy of working with Copilot - Less thumb-twiddling, more doing
3 likes • Jan 30
@David Forer I've tried Copilot a few times and didn't like it. I can't say what part I don't like, probably because I use GPT primary, and I'm used to how it responds to prompts and how the UI looks. And that's all. I haven't found a reason to switch to another LLM in my daily life. And that's it.
0 likes • Jan 30
@Cynthia Rohr I don't use those apps that much on a daily basis, so I was surprised at its price. But if it can speed up work and can make work more productive, then I would also consider buying Copilot for MS apps.
How I'm earning $ with Medium and AI
Hello All, I want to kick Monday off with a bang. So I am sharing one way I am using Chat GPT to help me earn a Semi-passive income. It feels kind of criminal sharing all of this with you, but here I go. Here are the steps 1. Pay to be a Medium member. 2. Use the CLEAR method to create a killer prompt. 3. Publish that prompt as a Medium article. 4. Profit. The steps above are an oversimplification of the process, but this is one way that you can make money with AI. The second article was the GPT prompt that I created while watching Alex and Lyle's demonstration of the course. Here are links to the articles if you want to check them out. Article 1 Article 2 Let me know if you have any questions.
New comment Jan 30
How I'm earning $ with Medium and AI
2 likes • Jan 29
That's amazing, Jeff. I'm always wondering about Medium - is it worth it? And it looks like it is. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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